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Erika Stucky

Frederik Köster Quartett

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David Helbock's Random/Control

Schule der Unruhe

Christian Zehnder Quartett

Carsten Daerr Trio

Science Fiction Theater

Fjoralba Turku Quartet

Zodiak Trio


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Traumton Records specializes in beautifully packaged, audiophile quality recordings of Jazz, Worldmusic, Ambient and Pop/Chanson performed by artists from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland, the US and Brazil.

We believe in developing long term relationships with artists and projects offering a unique musical style, artistic and creative visons and perspectives. We appreciate original ideas and individuality, the pleasure of trying experiments and the readiness for taking risks, though this might not relate to the situation of the market or just be a little crazy. We offer open ears and an open mind, a place to grow for newcomers and a place to bloom for established artists.

Traumton is a member of Berlin Music Commission, V.U.T e.V. and Jazz & World Partners e.V.

Please contact our office for appointments or further information traumton@traumton.de
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German Night - Schlachthof

Frederik Köster Quartett
29 April > 10.15 pm

The Frederik Köster Quartet has recognized the „signs of the times” with their current work. Full of mood changes and breaks, elements of jazz, electronic music and rock mix in great musical complexity. Frederik Köster drew the inspiration for this not only from international jazz stars, but also from the sound of his youth: the rock of the 90s. The quartet connects all these multifaceted aspects and styles and merges them into an organic overall sound.