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Arne Jansen Trio (Germany)

File under: Jazz/Guitar

Do young, strong musicians need supporting purely by virtue of their age? Berlin Jazz guitarist Arne Jansen proves not. Every German Jazz musician under 45 is lauded for being young, almost as an excuse for a lack of independence. Arne Jansen has no need for such attempts at justification. Aged over 30, he would be considered one of the old guard in the genres of Rock or Pop. Why not apply the same scale to jazz? Arne Jansen is a guitarist who not only knows exactly what he wants to say, but also knows exactly with which means he wants say it. An adventurous Jazz pro who doesn't let routine overrule curiosity, but whose experimentation does not rule out making things straightforward.

  • “Finally! You’ll be tempted to gaze up to heaven and let out a cry of relief. Germany has not seen the likes of a jazz guitar player such as young Arne Jansen from Berlin for decades. Perhaps never.“
    Jazzthetik, October 2008, Wolf Kampmann

  • “Wonderfully nonconformist.“
    Gitarre & Bass, 11/2008

  • “At the end of 2005 we were enthralled by “My Tree“ (Traumton 4486). The vocabulary we could now use to describe Arne Jansen’s new album is almost identical: in the same league as Rosenwinkel/Muthspiel, an exceptionally tasteful guitar player and composer, exhaustless single-note technique, far beyond any post modern clichés, suspenseful, astonishing, striking. Arne Jansen and his trio offer wonderful music – music that contains much much more than the mere audible experience – an amazing amount of Far Eastern wisdom.”
    Jazzpodium, Alexander Schmitz, October 2008

  • Concert at "Jazz Baltica 2009":
    Jansen’s trio gave a furious concert – spectacular music, emphatic and expressive, with awesome dynamics.
    Jazzthetik, Angela Ballhorn

  • Concert at "10 Years of Enjoy Jazz"
    “…The concert by the Arne Jansen Trio from Berlin was a feat of extraordinary ordinariness. This music rests in its beauty and refuses to succumb to extravagant experimentalism or superficial athletics. Every one of Jansen’s notes exhales authenticity…”
    Jazzpodium, Volker Doberstein, 12/2008


Info: Arne Jansen Trio
Homepage: www.arnejansen.com
MySpace: myspace.com/arnejansen


My Tree (2006)

Younger Than That Now (2008)