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Kathrin Scheer (Germany)

File under: Jazz / Singer/Songwriter

Kathrin Scheer: vocals Olaf Drewes: piano, rhodes Markus Bender: bass Heiko Braun: drums, percussion
Julia Klomfass: musical saw Mirek Pyschny: drums Frederik Köster: flugelhorn Til Schneider: trombone

Info: Kathrin Scheer
Homepage: www.kathrinscheer.de
MySpace: myspace.com/athrinscheer

Rare – The Poetics of Melancholy

„Rare, valuable, precious“ – is the meaning of the title to Kathrin Scheer’s debut album. And each of the wonderfully balanced jazz melodies is indeed precious. The voice from the other end of the universe sounds timeless and weightless, vibrating likewise deep down inside the listener.

"Intimacy, improvisation and intellect ...
A "rare" gem between Pop and Jazz in the truest sense of the title."
Stereoplay, Audiophile CD of the month, 1/2011, Rolf Schneider


Rare (2010)