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Michael Schiefel (Germany)

File under: Jazz

Michael Schiefel: voice

"Michael Schiefel is one of the few German jazz musicians who possesses a truly original style. He is a gifted solo performer who uses electronics to playfully expand and distort his voice in his a cappella performances. When performing in group formations, the androgynous quality of Schiefel's incredible vocal range helps to diversify and problematize the often macho world of jazz musicians."
Das Jazzbuch (German jazz encyclopedia), 2005

Info: Michael Schiefel
Homepage: www.michaelschiefel.com
MySpace: myspace.com/michaelschiefel


My Home Is My Tent
CD 4539-2
release May 7, 2010

CD 4471-2
release 2003


I Don't Belong
CD 4433-2
release 2000

Invisible Loop
CD 4426-2
release 1997