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Schule der Unruhe (Switzerland)

File under: Jazz / Spoken Word Songs

Jürg Halter: words Philipp Schaufelberger: guitar Vera Kappeler: piano, harmonium Julian Sartorius: drums

Multiple prize-winning swiss poet Jürg Halter (who also enjoys cult status in Switzerland as dialect rapper Kutti MC) gathered three of the most exciting young Swiss Jazz-Musicians to form the magical quartet “Schule der Unruhe”. “On stage Jürg Halter appears to be a late rebirth of Buster Keaton, the perfect Anti-Entertainer”, was stated by “Magazin”. Based on Halter’s remarkably poetic lyrics, the foursome creates a unique musical vision ranging between Jazz, Spoken-Word-Songs and Free Folk.
Drummer Julian Sartorius is one of the most sought-after young drummers from Switzerland, amongst other projects he has been touring with Sophie Hunger all over Europe. Vera Kappeler is, even by the grande dame of the piano, Irene Schweizer, considered as one of the most talented young Swiss pianists. Guitarist Philipp Schaufelberger has been playing with a.o. Pierre Favre, Lucas Niggli and Harald Haerter. He recorded for the renowned label ECM and is said to be one of the best Swiss guitarists.

Info: Schule der Unruhe
Homepage: www.juerghalter.com
MySpace: myspace.com/schulederunruhe


la bombe
CD 4545-2
release 2010