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Christian Zehnder Quartett (Switzerland)

File under: World / Switzerland

Christian Zehnder: vocals, yodeling, overtonesinging, laudola, bandoneon Barbara Schirmer: swiss cimbalom Thomas Weiss: percussion, drums Michael Pfeuti: double bass, bassetto

As one of the few practitioners of European overtone singing, vocalist Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn) achieves soundscapes between earthbound rumbling of home and otherworldly whirring. He introduces new impulses into vocal techniques long romanticised and occupied by the New-Age scene, by being able to integrate mythical overtone singing into his compositions. Sounds emerge that are at once earthly yet unknown, mysterious, impossible to categorise, without falling into a celebration of folk-music tradition.

Info: Christian Zehnder Quartett
Homepage: www.zehndermusic.ch
MySpace: myspace.com/christianzehnder
MySpace: myspace.com/stimmhornofficial


CD 4515-2
release 2008

CD 4542-2
release 2010