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Andreas Matthias Pichler


The Waltz Of Our Hundred Kids     (06.06.2014)

Genre: Jazz



Andreas Matthias Pichler

Nominiert für den Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis: Andreas Matthias Pichler - Das Wettbewerbskonzerte findet am 14.3. in der Alten Feuerwache in Mannheim statt.


Out now:

Andreas Matthias Pichler

The Waltz Of Our Hundred Kids
CD 4607
file under: jazz
release June 6, 2014

Where exactly are the borders between jazz on one side and folk, rock and pop on the other? In what exactly do American traditions differ from the musical lore of Europe? And what makes the Alpine peaks different from the mountaintops of the Rocky Mountains? All these questions turn up, when you listen to the debut album of the Pichler brothers.

In Austria the rhythm-twins Andreas and Matthias Pichler are long regarded as the insider-tip of the national jazz-scene. Wolfgang Muthspiel never tired of highly praising the twins, born 1981 in Tirol, when they backed him in 2005 on his album “Bright Size” and three years later again on “Earth Mountain”, because their urge to spinning musical tales, guided the guitarist to whole new horizons. In New York the Pichlers enhanced their jazz portfolio first-hand. By now the two bold sound-adventurers have traded the peaks of the Alps of Tirol for the street-canyons of Berlin. Always steadfastly on the road in Europe and America, they picked up whatever they found along the wayside, to drop it all onto their own, accentually casual style of playing. . . . read more

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