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Lieder von Liebe und Tod     (11.05.2007)

Genre: Pop


23.02.2013     Out now:


CD 4582
file under: world / pop
VÖ 22.02.2013 - bestellen bei


Astonishing, surprising, controversial: in their “favourite project”, singer-songwriter Bobo (“ white wooden houses”) and sound artist Sebastian Herzfeld give new life to well-known and unfamiliar German folk songs and poems of the Romantic period. Bobo sings these songs about great human emotions – love and pain, hope and fear, homesickness and longing – in a way that makes you feel as if you have never listened to them before. Sebastian Herzfeld sits enthroned at his prepared piano, between an array of other unusual instruments. A unique mixture of folk, jazz, pop and experiment!



The German Worldmusic Award «Ruth» goes to BOBO for "Lieder von Liebe und Tod" (Songs of Love and Death)

The award presentation will take place on July 5, 2008 during the Tanz & Folkfestes Rudolstadt.

Congratulations, Bobo, and thanks to the jury, the Tanz & Folkfestes Rudolstadt, Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk MDR and Profolk!


Bobo In White Wooden Houses

The new Blank + Jones album
The Logic of Pleasure
includes the song
Where You Belong
performed by BOBO



Popkomm Showcase


Bobo In White Wooden Houses

Mental Radio

CD 4505-2
file under: Pop
Release June 29, 2007 digital only

CD "Mental Radio" available from the website of Bobo In White Wooden Houses and via mailorder from Traumton's cd shop.
Worldwide digital release scheduled for June 29, 2007.

Finally! Bobo In White Wooden Houses is back with a new album – and it seems like she had not even been away. Almost ten years have passed since her highly successful 1990s releases on Universal Music and her appearance as the angel’s voice on Rammstein’s famous song „Engel“. But Bobo’s most beautiful voice – crystal clear, fragile, unique – still sends shivers down your spine.
„Mental Radio“ seamlessly hooks up with Bobo’s earlier works. Once again she presents an inexhaustible source of timeless melodies and brilliant pop arrangements which you would never want to miss.
Welcome back, Bobo. We hope you’ll be around for a while.


Out now:

Lieder von Liebe und Tod - Songs of Love and Death

CD 4504-2
file under: Folk / Pop/ Other
Release May 11, 2007
Have a listen at MySpace

"A pretty serious candidate for album of the year is what vocalist Bobo presents us under the title of "Lieder von Liebe und Tod" /"Songs of Love and Death" (Traumton 4504/Indigo). German folk songs and most especially some of the great German poems, mostly classical or from the romantic era, are congenially put to music and very sparingly arranged here by Sebastian Herzfeld. He works absolutely eclectically - sometimes it sounds like an acoustic version of Pink Floyd, sometimes like Philip Glass's minimalistic film music - and yet this music is primarily one thing: a picture artistically set in motion, or even better: a scene of drama, perfected, crafted by means of music. Bobo interprets these magnificent lyrics with a clarity and sincerity that doesn't only open up the ears, but that which mythical tradition has inscribed in all these songs: the soul. Her singing is a guide to sensibility. These unusual and not only commercially risky recordings are of a consistant brilliance that literally gives you the shivers. Whoever opens up to this grandiose miniature music theater, this common people's cosmos , will leave it rewarded beyond imagination. New standards are being set here."
Jazzpodium, June 2007, Volker Doberstein

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