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Matthias Boguth


Milk Wood     (30.08.2019)

Genre: Jazz



Matthias Boguth

New video "What Seas Did You See"


Out now:

Matthias Boguth

Milk Wood
CD 4675
file under: jazz
release August 30, 2019

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Such a debut is rare! Matthias Boguth, born 1996, already has quite some stage experience as leader of various bands and projects, but hasn’t released an album before Milk Wood. All the more impressive are the depth and compelling diversity of this production. Clearly Boguth gave great thought to concept and composition and furthermore found like-minded and sensitive musicians. With Joh Weisgerber (alias Monojo) he also has a producer at his side, who possesses a fine sense of timbre and sound aesthetics. Together they explore an allegedly familiar terrain, namely setting the poetry of one writer (in this case Dylan Thomas) to music, but they amaze at it with their unusual musical perspective. Boguth’s individual, genre-busting sonic language reaches far beyond jazz, at times references Joe Jackson’s intelligently catchy melodics or the playful complexity of progressive rock. Whereby these are not conscious references though, because Boguth has never dealt with such music. ... read more

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