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Escape Argot


Still Writing Letters     (02.03.2018)

Genre: Jazz

Escape Argot

Christoph Steiner risks a new musical escapade, writing the music therefore himself and turns these compositions into soundwaves with his companions Christoph Grab and Florian Favre.
Three very active musicians from the Swiss Jazzscene have gathered here to use the free space within this music with subtlety and walk the tightrope of improvisation and celebrate it.
Steiner’s compositions are the startingpoint to these melodic, yet sometimes eccentric pieces, which contain enough space to leave the frame and escape into new areas.
Grab, Favre and Steiner are all daring and still highly sensitive improvisors and they all bring their experiences as composers to the music. This awareness can be heard and felt from the beginning. Here, three like-minded musicians with very different approaches come together to complement each other in this highly entertaining musical conversation.


Date Country, City, Venue
09.04.2018 CH-Baden, Isebähnli
10.04.2018 CH-Solothurn, Altes Spital : Tuesday Jazz
04.05.2018 CH-Zug, Viel Jazz Festival



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Escape Argot

Still Writing Letters
CD 4656
file under: jazz
Release March 2, 2018

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