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Max Andrzejewski


Hütte und Chor     (06.06.2014)

Genre: jazz

"…There’s drummer Andrzejewski’s Hutte quartet, consisting of himself, guitarist Tobias Hoffmann, bassist Andreas Lang, and saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher. To this, he adds a five-part choir of vocalists that all behave as soloists … but together. It’s a fusion of modern post-bop, indie-rock, and theatre. Tempos range anywhere from incessantly spasmodic to cheerful jaunts through the park. Melodies can’t sit still and change their shape in the middle of an expression. Dramatic changes in scenery are balanced against a healthy sense of humor. This music is wild and thrilling and different and is overflowing with personality. I keep listening and listening and I’m still not sure what to make of it. But it makes me smile and the ensemble scores all kinds of points for pouring their heart into something so remarkably inventive and risky. Unbounded creativity."
Pick of the Week., Dave Sumner, 12.6.2014

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