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Johnny La Marama


Il Purgatorio     (14.02.2014)
Bicycle Revolution     (24.04.2009)
...Fire!     (17.03.2006)

Genre: Jazz

Once upon a time or not. Maybe it’s happening right now. In any case, somewhere, somehow- perhaps in Berlin, New York or Gotham City- a shady guy with a pale tint and faded elegance sneaks around the corner. Nobody ever really knew him but his name resoundes throughout the city. With his coat collar turned up and a cheap carnation on the revers, he orbits in a constellation of his own design. Johnny La Marama: a gangster out of passion with the tendency to shoot himself in the foot. A twilight-iguana who, after a successful bank robbery, can’t find his car keys and gets caught; only to latter escape prison by hiding inside the warden’s birthday cake. ...
This Johnny La Marama has a sound, a groove, a melody as sinister and adventurous as his nature. Johnny La Marama is a band from Berlin. The Finnish guitarrist Kalle Kalima, the New York bassist Chris Dahlgren and the German drummer Eric Schaefer compile dozens of musical preferences and experiences from their cardinal points. ... more




Out now:

Johnny La Marama

Il Purgatorio
CD 4600
file under: jazz
release February 14, 2014

Who the hell is Johnny La Marama, everyone asked when the band of the same name released their debut album in 2006. Now they’re asking: Where the hell is he?
Where does the fiend possibly go? Exactly! To hell. Or at least to purgatory. So after “Fire!” and “Bicycle Revolution” it makes perfect sense that Kalle Kalima, Chris Dahlgren and Eric Schaefer now send their fictive desperado to “Il Purgatorio”. . . . read more

14.05.2009     Johnny La Marama - Touring with Goethe - Podcast #27

Johnny La Marama in Chile, Peru and Venezuela Records
Author: Julia Cortis, Speaker: David Creedon, Translated by Eric Rosencrantz


Out now:
Johnny La Marama

Bicycle Revolution
CD 4523-2
file under: Jazz


Johnny La Marama @ Jazzfest Berlin

Kalle Kalima · guitar, Chris Dahlgren · bass, Eric Schaefer · drums
JazzFest@A-Trane, November 4,2007

"For four nights, the A-Trane will provide the ‘playground’ for Finnish guitarist and adopted Berliner Kalle Kalima. ... read more

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