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Writ in Water     (01.04.2011)

Genre: Pop

Paul Hankinson is an australian pianist, composer and songwriter. In 2006 he moved to Berlin to futher pursue his love of beauty, melancholy, humour and humankind and his alter-ego (kunstlername) Montmorensy was born. He now creates pop music with a classical-theatrical flavour, drawing his inspiration from an eternal sense of wonder at the world, the universe and the poetical way of the every day.




Finally - The Goldfish Song - (of*FISHY*al VIDEO)



Be happy with your life! Don't miss it !



A short story by Montmorensy about getting lost and found in cyberspace

Sankt Oberholz
On a dusty corner in Berlin stands a grand old café called Sankt Oberholz. Inside you may find the odd table of friends, the odd couple having an awkward first date… but what will strike you upon entering is the number of people sitting alone with their macs (it is rare to encounter a pc person!) .. it’s strangely beautiful to see all the lonely people together.. lonely together.. einsam zusammen.. a very modern phenomenon ...
read full story here


Out now: Montmorensy iPhone app - free download here

A very warm welcome to the Montmorensy app. Step into my world! A world full of dreams and dilemmas, of melancholy and madness, of stars and symphonies. A world in which the crows are persistently ecstatic, the bees are disappearing, the goldfish are losing their minds, Beethoven is causing all kinds of trouble, the stars are being flung out of their galaxies, green grass is staining and tainting the great ice continent and beauty is as fleeting and elusive as ever. And the ducks? Well.. the ducks are quite content. But who the duck *is* Montmorensy? Montmorensy is a crazed composer, a piano-poet, a star-gazer, a day-dreamer, a dizzy thinker, a silly soul, a wanderer, a wonderer… Montmorensy is a renaissance man trapped in modern times. He likes to stay home in his pyjamas. He has an orchestra trapped in his head! Please enjoy my music, photos and videos. And explore my website ... I hope this app leads the way to some moments of appiness. :-)

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Montmorensy & the Montmorensy Orchestra perform the little melancholy ballad "Laundry" live in the Bar Jeder Vernunft (Berlin) on April 4, 2011 as part of the "Writ in Water" Record Release Concert.

Writ in Water


Out now:

Writ in Water
CD 4541-2
file under: (symphonic theatrical) Pop
Release April 1, 2011

AUDIO - Sound tip - Audiophile POP CD of the month 5/2011



On short notice: Montmorensy is supporting 30.3. TEITUR @ Lido, Berlin tonite!

While Teitur is busy finding a support band for his Berlin concert @ Lido, Berlin, Montmorensy is happy that he posted a "Good Morning, Teitur" - Song on his facebook page ...

Good Morning, Teitur by montmorensy



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Montmorensy Monday 1

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