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Telmo Pires


Através do Fado     (21.02.2020)
Medo     (31.05.2019
digital only)
Era uma vez     (22.02.2019 digital only)
Ser Fado     (11.03.2016)
Fado Promessa     (19.10.2012)
Passos     (15.10.2004)

Genre: World, Portuguese

Telmo Pires, the Portuguese singer with the expressive voice, belongs to a new generation of interpreters who bring the Fado, which had emerged from the docklands of Lisbon around the end of the 19th century, up to date and in a new instrumentation, taking the broad spectrum of contemporary popular music into account, Fado becomes an authentic expression of their current awareness of life.



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Telmo Pires

Telmo Pires
CD 4686
file under: world / Portugal /fado
release February 21, 2020

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Out now:

Telmo Pires

Era uma vez
CD 8046
file under: fado
release February 22, 2019

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Telmo Pires live @ Balcony TV Lisbon


Out now:

Telmo Pires

Ser Fado
CD 4630
file under: worldmusic/fado
release Portugal February 19,2016
release world March 11, 2016
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Telmo Pires is a “fadista”, poet, composer and one of the few men in the panorama of Fado who appears internationally and the press calls him “the modern incarnation of the Fado”.

In March 2016 his new album SER FADO / BEING FADO is released - it represents the essence of his idea of Fado in matured form. A Fado that goes back to the origin and the roots of the tradition, as apposed to many current Fado productions, which try to converge towards the mainstream and the international market through the use of pop elements and modern instrumentations. A Fado that is essentially brought to life by the expression of Pires’ voice, as well as the Portuguese and Classical guitar. . . . read more

19.12.2012     Telmo Pires new video: Meu Amor

Fado Promessa
CD 4577
file under: world|portugal

19.10.2012     Out now:
Telmo Pires

Fado Promessa
CD 4577
file under: world|portugal
release October 19, 2012

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