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Science Fiction Theater


Dolly Shot     (06.09.2013)
Pimp Town     (12.03.2010)

Genre: Jazz

movie sounds, sci-fi-pop und nu trash

SCIENCE FICTION THEATER bridges the gap between old and new, art and kitsch, sweet and adventurous.
Inspired by composers as Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Jaws, Streets of San Francisco etc), Nino Rota (Fellini, The Godfather etc) and Ennio Morricone, they manifest an original take on ominous filmscore, vibrant souljazz of the 60’s spiced with modern day electronic sounds, beats and samples. A wild mix of easy listening, electronic soundscapes and jazzy improvisation. Intelligent groovesound with a twinkle in the eye!



Out now:

Science Fiction Theater

Dolly Shot
CD 4587
file under: jazz
release September 6, 2013 - order at


Science Fiction Theater

The new album "Dolly Shot" by Science Fiction Theater will be released on September 9, 2013. Enjoy the teaser:


Out now:
Science Fiction Theater

Pimp Town
CD 4534-2
file under: Jazz

"Swiss saxophonist Christoph Grab’s quintet is steering towards a playground located in the middle of the sci-fi milieu of the swinging 1960’s. Using trashy guitars, lots of electronic gurgling, whining, and just plain noise, the crew has set down their space ship smack dab in the middle of sector B. Voice samples of American politicians and other contemporaries darken the horizon, with the second track at the very latest you feel like you’ve landed in a vintage German TV series, and in the end an imaginary screen fills up with characters straight from Ennio Morricone. Grab’s lonely saxophone howls to soul minor chords, the bass clarinet wanders through a low-life bar gig beside wobbling conga beats, a synthesizer sounds out messages from outer space. Still, all the nostalgic tunes the oldies fans think they are recognizing here only serve these seasoned musicians as a ground for surprising little outbursts of noise, cultivated urban twang, and every now and then mini-interludes of the sheer Zappa-esque - just for fun." (ul)
Jazzthing #82, 2/2010

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