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Fabiana Striffler


Archiotíc     (08.10.2021)
Drawing But One Sound     (04.09.2020)
Sweet And So Solitary     (28.09.2018)

Genre: jazz


Date Country, City, Venue
14.11.2021 DE-Berlin, Club Gretchen : Record Release Concert
08.12.2021 DE-Berlin, A-Trane



Out now:

Fabiana Striffler

CD 4699
file under: jazz
Release October 10, 2021

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Fabiana Striffler

new video: Maraschine Cherries


Coming soon:

Fabiana Striffler

First single Archiotíc out today.

CD 4699
file under: jazz
VÖ 08.10.2021

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Out now:

Fabiana Striffler

Drawing but one sound
CD 4693
file under: singer/Songwriter
Release September 4, 2020


Out now:

Fabiana Striffler

Hemme nicht deiner Seele Flug
CD 4669
file under: jazz
release September 28, 2018

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FABIANA STRIFFLER - Sweet And So Solitary

„When Fabiana Striffler takes bow in hand, a magical process begins.“ (Greg Cohen)

In Classical music the violin is one of the representative instruments, whereas in jazz and pop it appears much more rarely. Fabiana Striffler at first also played in Classical ensembles and orchestras, before she made a name for herself in the jazz-scene. Funded by the Yehudi Menuhin Association from 2013 to 2018, Striffler has been poaching through various styles with the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra for more than a year now. In addition, the 30-year-old Berliner-by-choice has been regularly playing side-by-side with Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, John Zorn, et al.) for years. Furthermore she has worked with John Hollenbeck and Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kwabs and Awa Ly, Sarah Connor and the afro-beat band Polyversal Souls. In 2016 Striffler was engaged by the British pop band Travis for their album Everything At Once. In 2017 the violinist released a duo-CD with the Argentinian guitarist Quique Sinesi, about which Jazzpodium wrote: “A mutual breath, a sparkling musical treasure, which captivates from the first sound on. ... read more

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