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Erika Stucky


Papito     (27.10.2017)
Black Widow     (04.10.2013)
Stucky Live     (18.03.2011)
Suicidal Yodels     (12.10.2007)
Princess     (15.04.2005)
Lovebites     (01.10.2003)
Bubbles & Bones     (01.10.2001)

Genre: Jazz, Vocal

Hippie picnics in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to a flowery soundtrack of the Monkees, Donovan and Nancy Sinatra. Then suddenly the scene changes abruptly to mountain valleys, yodelling choruses and polka folk in traditional Swiss costume with the Valais Alps looming on the horizon.
Much has been written about this crazy transatlantic biography that whisks a young maiden away from the S.F. Bay Area to “Valais in Wonderland”. How Erika Stucky not only therapied her childhood culture shock at the C.I.M. Jazz School in Paris with voice training, but actually transformed it, making a powerful entrance onto the jazz floor with George Gruntz and Ray Anderson. And how she finally did a neat job of performing the full intercontinental splits with her very own project “Bubbles & Bones”. Amorphously to metamorphic. The amazed press described it like this at times: “Schimmering between alpine girly and jazz lady – more heart-rending than seriously avant-garde. “Serious fun“ (Rolling Stone). „Vocal action art between Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk and Tom Waits“, discovered Stereoplay. And FAZ states soberly: „There aren´t many vocalists of Erika Stucky’s kind.” What a noble understatement.

Erika Stucky - Papito




Out now:

Erika Stucky

CD 4656
file under: jazz
release October 27, 2017
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Erika Stucky - Papito

Erika Stucky is always full of surprises. Over a period of almost 25 years the singer, musician, songwriter and multimedia-artist has made many exciting international connections, for example with Dino Saluzzi, Carla Bley and even a guest appearance with Elvis Costello. Furthermore, she has developed many individual, often stunning, stylistically diversified formations during this time. Stucky’s newest work is starting a new chapter with unexpected content. Even in relation to her already courageous repertoire thus far, Papito seems audacious. The charismatic American-Swiss is joined by a Baroque ensemble, the widely celebrated countertenor Andreas Scholl and by FM Einheit, who is known as an unconventional percussionist, sound designer and also as creative force of the Einstürzende Neubauten. Considering this spectacular constellation, it is no wonder that Stucky’s variable voice develops facets that had seldom been heard until now. Without holding back any musical beauty she literally indulges herself in melodies and in sought out moments slips in touching crooning through trenchantly rough expression. . . . read more


Erika Stucky

Erika Stucky's Black Widow Project with Michael Blair drums - David Coulter multiinst. - Terry Edwards multiinst. - Filmed at the beeflat, in PROGR Bern


On tour:

Erika Stucky - Black Widow

Erika Stucky: vocals, accordion, movies David Coulter: singing saw, violectra, bass Terry Edwards: bass, guitar, saxophone, pocket trumpet Michael Blair: drums, percussions

17.10.2013    DE-München, Unterfahrt
18.10.2013    NL-Groningen, Grand Theater
02.12.2013    DE-Nürnberg, Tafelhalle
03.12.2013    DE-Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
04.12.2013    FR-Lyon, Le Transbordeur
06.12.2013    CH-Meyrin, Forum Meyrin
08.12.2013    CH-Bern, bee-flat im PROGR
09.12.2013    IT-Bolzano, Teatro Carambolage
27.12.2013    AT-Nüziders, Sonnenbergsaal
28.12.2013    DE-Frankfurt, Brotabrik
29.12.2013    DE-Reutlingen, Franz K.
30.12.2013    DE-Potsdam, Waschhaus
31.12.2013    DE-Stuttgart, Theaterhaus
01.01.2014    DE-Köln, Philharmonie
02.01.2014    DE-Koblenz, Cafe Hahn
03.01.2014    DE-Karlsruhe, Tollhaus
04.01.2014    AT-Wien, Porgy & Bess


out now:

Erika Stucky

Black Widow
CD 4590
file under: jazz
release October 4, 2013

“Actors inspire me much more than music does”, Erika Stucky asserted in an interview already years ago. “When Jeanne Moreau totters through a movie classic, I immediately think of at least three song lyrics.” Movie characters play primary roles in Stucky’s songs again and again, sometimes as diffuse visions, another time as clearly recognizable characters. For a long time now, the artist from Zurich has been making her own short films for her stage programs, in which at times, she newly interprets well-known scenes in an individualistic style. If you carefully examine the booklet of Black Widow, you will find a cunning allusion to this genre there too. ? read more


Erika Stucky - The Rain Dogs Revisited

Especially brought together for this event, a prestigious band under the guidance of musical director David Coulter, the multi-instrumentalist who worked with Waits on The Black Rider, will offer a similar, although not quite identical, array of the rich instrumental variety intended by Waits. Also featured will be performances by Arthur H, The Tiger Lillies, Camille O’ Sullivan, Stef Kamil Carlens, St. Vincent, Erika Stucky.
Announced Dates:
July 10th : LYON, FRANCE / Les Nuits de Fourvière festival / Grand Théâtre Romain de Fourvière
July 11th : MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND / Montreux Jazz Festival / Miles Davis Hall
July 13th : LONDON, ENGLAND / Barbican Centre
Nov 20th : EINDHOVEN, HOLLAND / Muziekgebouw
Nov 22nd : PARIS, FRANCE / Salle Pleyel



Erika Stucky
Stucky to go - download Erika Stucky's iPhone app for free here

Erika STucky - iPhone app

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Out now:
Erika Stucky

Stucky Live
CD 4548-2
file under: Jazz
release March 18, 2011


Erika Stucky

© Gina Folly

Erika Stucky on tour with BUBBLES & BANGS
Jon Sass - tuba and Lucas Niggli - percussion
April 10 19, 2008


Erika Stucky
Portait on arte - "Die Nacht/La Nuit" February 26, 2008


Erika Stucky

Suicidal Yodels is available from CD Baby as of today.

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Erika Stucky

Echoes of home - on yelping and other forms of song
Director: Stefan Schwietert

What does a baby's cry have in common with the echo of a mountain yodler, and what connects the head tone of a Tuvin nomad with the stage show of a vocal artist? The answer is: THE VOICE. Against a background of powerful alpine vistas and modern city landscapes, „heimatklänge” enters the wondrous sonic world of three exceptional Swiss vocal artists, - Erika Stucky  -   Noldi Alder  -  Christian Zehnder -. Their universe of sound extends far beyond what we would describe as singing. In their engagement with local and foreign traditions, the powerful mountain landscape becomes a stage as do the landscapes and sonic backdrops of modern life.
Further information:
Press kit: download

Screening Dates of "Echoes of home"
at Filmfestspiele Berlin 2007:

12.02.07 10:00 CinemaxX5 (press screening) EN
13.02.07 21:30 Delphi-Filmpalast EN
14.02.07 12:30 CineStar 8 EN
16.02.07 13:15 Arsenal EN
17.02.07 22:15 Cubix 9 EN


Calabash Music

We are happy to announce, that the music of Erika Stucky, Fenix and R e v i s t a do Samba has most recently been added to the site of Calabash Music.


BIO Erika Stucky: USA/CH * 1962

S i x t i e s: Born in San Francisco. Swiss parents. Flower-Power, Big Stucky family picnics in Golden Gate Park. Musical influences The Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, Donovan, the musical "Hair".

S e v e n t i e s: The Stucky family moves to Oberwallis. Culture schock. Folklore club, Swiss roast .
Musical influences: D'Bossbuebe, Trio Eugster, Radio Beromünster, Jodelchoires.

E i g h t i e s: Education in Paris: C.I.M. Jazz School, vocal training. Atelier Théâtre Serge Martin. Acting school. Camera Acting, Advanced Acting at State College San Francisco.
1985-91: "The Sophisticrats" Four singers and a bass. 2 LPs / CDs
" Four Singers & Bass" COD 38010
" We love you" COD 38019
Various awards (Cannes, Lyon, St. Gervais), about 500 performances, TV-Shows, Tours in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana...

N i n e t i e s:
1991: Set up "Bubble-Town".
CD-Production "OutlŪndisch" MGB CD 9601 1994
Vocal soloist of the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band. Jazzfestival Berlin.
Tours in Switzerland, Germany and Russia.
Tours and recordings with the Big Band des Westdeutschen Rundfunks with George Gruntz and Dino Saluzzi.
1997: started the trio "Mrs.Bubble & Bones".
CD-Production "Ohrewürm". Volume 1 and 3 with Bubble-Town and in duet with Ray Anderson.
Collaborated on: WonderbraZH, Girl-Group, Roots-Alphornproject and various musicals.
1998: Culture award. Cultural scholarship of the city Zürich.
1998/99: Moved to Brooklyn, NY.
Premier with the new programm "Mrs.Bubble" in the Knitting Factory, NY.
1999: WDR & George Gruntz Big Band, Studio recordings and concerts in Cologne.
Switzerland/Germany Tour with "Mrs. Bubble & Bones"-Trio
Switzerland/Germany Tour with Girl-Group

Swiss/German/Austrian Tourn with "Mrs. Bubble & Bones", Erika Stucky / Ray Anderson / Art Baron
Jazzfestival Willisau "International Alphornproject", Erika Stucky / Hans Kennel / Ray Anderson / TomVarner / Bob Stewart
October: Musical direction for "Helges Leben" at the Schauspielhaus Bochum
Tour Switzerland, Germany Austria "Mrs. Bubble & Bones", Erika Stucky / Art Baron / José Davila

CD Recordings in NewYork with "Mrs. Bubble & Bones" (Anderson/Baron/Davila)
Germany/Austria/Switzerland Tour with International Alphorn Orchestra (Kennel/Baron/Varner/Stewart)
Tour "Mrs. Bubble & Bones" (Morgenthaler/Pedretti/Niggli)
Theatre Festival Mülheim - Musical "Helges Leben"
CD Recordings at Radiostudio Zürich with Geoge Gruntz and Dino Saluzzi
Alpentöne with Kennel, Legler and the Heuis-Sisters
Tour Egypt with "Stucky & Roots of Communication" (Morgenthaler/Pedretti/Horrisberger)
CD-Release and Tour "Mrs.Bubble & Bones"
Germany/Austria/Switzerland Tour with "Bubbles & Roots" (Morgenthaler/Pedretti/Niggli)

Tour "Eurobubbles" (Jon Sass/ Bertl Mütter)
Opening Expo 02 - Schweizer Landesausstellung with Morgenthaler/Pedretti/Niggli
Project: Big Band George Gruntz , Lausanne
Tour "Mrs. Bubble & Bones", Erika Stucky / Art Baron / José Davila

CD Recordings „Lovebites“ (Release September 2003)
Tour „Eurobubbles“ (Jon Sass/ Bertl Mütter)
Tournee Sina and Stucky / Toluheischis Vorläbu
CD-Release „Lovebites“
CD-Release Tour „Lovebites“

Tour „Eurobubbles“ (Jon Sass/ Bertl Mütter) D,CH, NL, F, I
Tour "Stucky & Roots of Communication" (Morgenthaler/Pedretti/Horrisberger) D. CH
Tour "Stucky & Jimi Hendrix Project" ( Erika Stucky – voc, Christy Doran – guitar, Kim Clarke - bass, Fredy Studer – drums) I, CH, A. G. F
Recording "Princess" Mrs. Bubbles & Bones" & Knut Jensen (Wien/Berlin) November

tours with „Bubbles & Bones“, „Stucky & the Roots of Communication“ and the „Jimi Hendrix-Project“ take her to Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and France.
In April she releases her latest album „ Princess“ and works with Stefan Schwietert on a film project.

On tour with different projects: Sina & Stucky (Wild - Dances and Stories from Wallis), Low Life (with Matt Perrine (Sousaphone) and Jon Sass ( Tuba) ) Princess (with Bertl Mütter (trombone) and Jon Sass ( Tuba), The Woodstock Project with the Young Gods, Jimi Hendrix Project (with Christy Doran (guitar), Fredy Studer (drums) Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass)), US tour with Roots of Communication.H
Honky Stonky Musical with Gardi Hutter.

extended touring like in 2006, recording „Suicidal Yodels“ to be released October 12 on Traumton Records. Finishing the works on Stefan Schwietert’s documentary „Heimatklänge – Echoes of Home“, presented during the Berlin Film Fest in January. Soundtrack of „Heimatklänge“ scheduled for an October release on Traumton.
Touring with Sebastian Fuchsberger and Jon Sass to present „Suicidal Yodels“, touring with Jimi Hendrix Project (with Christy Doran (guitar), Fredy Studer (drums) Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass)).

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