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   Christian Zehnder & Gregor Hilbe: Oloid: Presscuts

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Release Date: 22.03.2013
EAN/UPC: 705304458426
TT Catalogue No: 4584

    " Theo & Kirk" is much more than another jazz disc in the collection.Nurock's virtuosity, open to all styles and moods of pianism, combines with Bleckmann's deeply felt vocal artistry. The compositions have tension, humor and an understanding of the darker sides of human existence. It is a unique musical experience.
    TIP Magazin

  • "There's a refined, concert hall taste to this disc especially on dramatic pieces like "Keepsake Mill" but Bleckmann and Nurock also understand the value of loosening your collar and having fun. The crazy and serious sides work in tandem here and the entire CD is enjoyable."
    CADENCE, Jerome Wilson

  • "A rarity among jazz releases, with tender ballads, poems set to music and humorous voice performances." ****

  • "These two incredible improvisers are not only masters of their instruments and the art of duo-playing. They are also musical alchimists of the highest order. They draw from the deepest tradition of jazz-improvisation, the harmonic vocabulary of contemporary "classical" music, they interact with sensitivity, flexibility and ease and mix in some of the eeriest and most moving refernces to the animal kingdom this writer has heard to date.Kirk and Theo, masters of the "delicate balance", give us a gift; a listening and sharing experience which goes beyond fifty minutes of music."

  • "Yearning Jazz ballads, playfull scat singing on exciting, swinging piano- voyages... the audible proof of the rare case of a congenial duo." ****

  • "Bleckmann and Nurock combine harmonies with dissonances, mix melody, risk and humor in a collection well worth listening to."

  • "The expressiveness of both musicians breaks all the genres and guides the listener into a frightening and yet human, soundpainted world of imagination, which in this colorfulness and intensity has never been heard yet."
    Klenkes, -Z'Kay

  • "Great, unusual, produced excellently! CD of the month!"

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