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   Aino L÷wenmark: Human: Presscuts

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Release Date: 22.01.2016
EAN/UPC: 705304462829
TT Catalogue No: 4628

  • "...tango poetry, blues with hideous tempo changes, heavy metal as chambermusic, Zsa Zsa Buschkow's got it." (****)

  • " ...and even Hendrix quotes are no problem for the masterly cellist Ulrich Maiß."

  • "A debut worth hearing."

  • "...a touching mixture of jazz and rock which brings some life back to the deserted fusion- camp."

  • "As elaborate as Brand X, tideously improvisational as the wildest Soft Machine."
    AHA Music News

  • "...a musical roundtrip through Berlin. The stops swarm of Hendrix quotes on guitar and cello, and even Zappa says hi ...boys, you won't get trouble."

  • "This is an intriguing project from the Berlin-based quartet, billed as chamber - jazz - rock an Zappaesque, including Christian Bader (guitar), Ulrich Maiß (cello), Andreas Advocado (bass) and Tobias Proffen (drums). Along with special effects, added guests and varied soundscapes, the recording adds up to a well- realized concept disc perhaps short on deeply sophisticated content, but reflective of the hip Berlin sensibility. The zesty, rocking electric guitar and other effects achieve the desired concept and ambience. Indeed, it´s ambient music, if short on jazz content."
    JAZZTIMES, Sid Gribetz, September 96

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