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   Rodach: Music For Fish- Musik für Fische: Release Information

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Release Date: 20.01.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304240922
TT Catalogue No: 4409

Composer Michael Rodach swims through genres and media, creating music for dance, theatre and films. He presents a cross-section of these cross-currents on "Musik für Fische - Music For Fish", offering a selection of the soundtracks he has created over the last ten years. Rodach's compositions tangle up time, location and characters with a bittersweet romanticism - one never knows where one has landed - but the terrain is definitely not fixed in the here and now. The listener is treated to a dreamscape of disquieting memory - a melody that lingers after awakening. Berliner Rodach's music exists in that city's in-between state: between frightening past and uncertain future, between love and loss, between the innocent and the cosmopolitan. Yet this music is decidedly modern, - Bernhard Herrmann scores a Jim Jarmusch film; Tom Waits creates a soundtrack for Sergei Eisenstein. Delicate, forceful, and with a crystal clear sense of theatricality, Michael Rodach explores the twisted richness of inter-relation in "Musik für Fische".

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