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   Rodach: Music For Fish- Musik für Fische: Presscuts

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Release Date: 20.01.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304240922
TT Catalogue No: 4409

  • "Music to dive into, music to let go. Music of images and amazement. "Music for fish is one of those very rare magic works; music never to forget, even after hearing only once."
    EB Musikmagazin

  • "Introverted and minimalistic soundsculptures, which don't impose upon the listener's fantasy, but leave room for the imagination."

  • "Rodach manages to connect the minimalism of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin with transient pieces of association - ludicrous, melancholy or sometimes nearly meaningess."

  • "When dealing with such virtuosity, itis certainly difficult to make comparisons, but names such as Brian Eno and John Adams come to mind after experiencing Rodach's original and playfully creative music. "Music For Fish" is the first (semi-)electronic masterpiece of the year 1995."

  • "A collage, glimmering in broken colours and leaving the impression of a fascinating dream. Animated cinema for the ears..."
    TIP Magazin

  • "Minimalistic works of art in the tradition of John Cage and Bela Bartok, which flow like a stream, clearing space for indivudual imagination and creativity."

  • "Simple and scurrilous at the same time.. Terms like avantgarde or ambient music are too confined for these tales of Rodachs, his handwriting reminds much more of the playful melancholy of Nino Rota or the timeless phrases of Brian Eno. The musical stagecraft is perfect."

  • "Piano, strings, keyboards, guitars, numerous crazy percussion instruments together with modern studio technique, from these ingredients Rodach conjures up the face of fantasy."

  • "A delightful Traumton release, that outdoes all expectations. Unique instrumentals, sounding like the wind playing its own music. Translucent melancholy - just beautiful!"
    EB Musikmagazin

  • "Music for Fish is a compilation of works created by Rodach over a period of ten years for various productions, films and musings. The eighteen tracks on the CD represent a wide diversity of instrumentation and styles. Piano, strings, guitars, wind instruments and undefined plucked and hammered percussive devices (or their synthesized equivalents, I could not tell) all make their appearance in various pieces. Music for Fish does not have the full sound I associate with most New Age/Ambient works, and indeed it is difficult to find analogs for this music in these genres. Athough diverse, the album is pervaded by a wistful, sweetly sad mood, and brings to mind remembrances of lost loves and lost opportunities. The compositions are images based for Rodach, who states that many of these works are a soundtrack for his own personal experiences. Edits evoking images of sidewalk cafes, circuses, smoky bars, mosques, and dark stormy nights are mixed with tracks of less definable imagery. It is indeed a strange aural journey, and one I recommend as worth taking."
    NAV, Jeff Johansen

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