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   Xiame: Canto D'Alma: Presscuts

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Release Date: 20.02.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304240724
TT Catalogue No: 4407

  • "If you only buy one album this month, make it XIAME´s Canto d´alma!"
    JazzTimes 3/96

  • "Excellent. A very good production, sounding very brazilian. I love everything about these songs."
    Flora Purim

  • "Absolutely recommended hearing!"

  • "This Album is a real ride!"
    New Age Voice

  • ""Canto d'alma" is definitely the most commercial, but also the most daring album from the german-brazilian Trio Xiame. Between songs like "The wedding Day (featuring most graceful female singer Naja) or "Sabia" can be heard weird intrumentals, juggling sounds, effects and strange melodies. Never before the trio has sounded so great, never before they have used as many various elements: Folk, Brazilian, Jazz, funk and New Age."
    WOM Journal

  • "Sheer pleasure!"
    Miami Herald

  • "... the group toys sparingly with acid jazz elements such as on „The Wedding Day,“ where danceable rhythms, pop organ licks, and breezy vocals by Danish singer Naja approximate acid Latin hipness."

  • "If you listen to the radio programs Echoes or Musical Starstreams, then you've already enjoyed selections from this refined and exquisite album. Compelling minor chords trigger unusual depth of emotion as the music flows effortlessly. While predominantly instrumental, songs like "The Wedding Day," which finds Danish songstress Naja in the spotlight, and the Jorge Degas vocal showcase, "Sabia," are to be relished. Velvety undercurrents of Latin rhythms percolate luxuriously as Michael Rodach's nimble fingers caress honeyed guitar strings. A few organ and violoncello flourishes enhance the vibrant portrayal of easily recognized and shared universal memories. LOVE for theeveryday joys."
    Lightworks - Music 2/96 Reviewed by PJ Birosik

  • "A real sleeper - meaning a pleasent surprise, not a soporific - Canto D 'Alma is a delightfully subdued blend of Latin and Jazz fusion performed by the unlikely but likable German-Brazilian trio called Xiame. Brazilian bassist/vocalist Jorge Degas, German guitarist Michael Rodach and German percussionist Andreas Weiser effortlessly combine Brazilian, pop,folk and Jazz strains and manage to sound like a group. This is players; not producers music, atmospheric yet tangible. Nominally world music, though not without contemporary-jazz appeal and a bohemian bon-pop flair (akin to Natalie Merchant, Edie Brickell and Ricki Lee Jones), Canto D'Alma avoids bombast in favour of chamberlike delicacy combining Nordic, ECM-like special sound-sculpture and authentic South American percussive enticement. This combination works, charmingly, even when the Danish female vocalist Naja Storebjerg joins the threesome. "The Wedding day", which bears her vocals, is an easeful ditty with pop-crossover appeal from Rio to Reykjavik. Choice cuts include "Sabia", with its soft hued, percussive ethereality, and "Dancing Elephants", which swings after a fashion with an intersting call-and-response passage. Guitarist Rodach, an imaginative colorist who uses tasteful tonal effects and, like Jim Hall and Bill Frisell before him, rarely overplays, has come out with his own CD Music For Fish, on this fast emerging German label. Me thinks more than a few people are going to enjoy Canto D 'Alma a lot."
    CMJ, New Music Report

  • "A fusion of South American rhythms, jazz, pop, and ambient textures provides a unique musical experience on Canto d'Alma (The Song of the Soul). XIAME's second release demonstrates a diversity of sounds and moods, but is primarily bittersweet and melancholy. The guitar of Michael Rodach and bass of Jorge Degas combine with the varied percussive instruments of Andreas Weiser to create the fabric of the music, with the voice of Naja Storeberg and violincello of Wolfgang Loos providing splashes of color. Most pieces are instrumentals, although my favourite edit, "Sabia" has both the voices of Naja and Jorge in a simple and repetitious Brazilian refrain, which is simultaneously understated and compelling. "Wine Flows Like the Wind" and "Nowhere at Nine" are the most ambient pieces, while the last edit, "Stenia" leaves the melancholy behind, and calls to mind cinematic images of heading out of town in a convertible into an empty, big-sky landscape, full of hope and joy. This album is a real ride, and should please the adventurous new age listener." -JJ

  • "The trio of bassist Jorge Degas, guitarist Michael Rodach and percussionist Andreas Weiser - known as Xiame - might easily be described as a fusion of Brazilian and European influences. Degas was born in Rio, Rodach and Weiser are German, and guest vocalist Naja Storebjerg is Danish. But Xiame´s elegant contemporary sound speaks more of a successful combination of very personal styles, with each musician contributing strong compositions to the mix. Sabia" establishes a catchy, memorable groove at the outset. On the title track, whose title translates to the song of the soul", Rodach´s guitar weaves delicate figure to the digitally processed strains of Wolfgang Loos´ cello. Storebjerg´s vocals are light and airy, and in that sense, they sound vaguely Brazilian. Throughout, though, the Brazilian air that prevails is one of nuance, of clever chord choices, or just-relaxed-enough rhythms. These details are what distinguishes a tasty brew like Xiame´s. Credit Traumton´s superior sonics and attractive packaging, too, for framing the group´s identity well."
    Rhythm Music/ LARRY BLUMENFELD

  • "This album, with its strong rhythmic pulse and innovative blend of jazz, Brazilian and dance music, will leave you with little choice but to redefine your ideas concerning world music."
    The Brazilian Music Review

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