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   Theo Bleckmann & Kirk Nurock: Looking Glass River: Release Information

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Release Date: 20.10.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304241325
TT Catalogue No: 4412

A piano-vocal duo? Yes and no. De facto, they are of course just that, the reply to any pertinent question regarding their instrument would have to be a simple "voc/p". But otherwise? Are there vocals on one side, piano on the other, inviting ones ears to ster-
eophonic reception? Theo Bleckmann and Kirk Nurock demand a different kind of per-
ception. This is not just about a consistently spontaneous dialogue, or virtuoso giving and taking, or throwing and catching of musical balls. "Looking-Glass River" is too moving to permit admiringly-detached refences to the often cited "art of the duo". Much less is there a monologizing singer at work, draped in a warming blanket of chords, decorated with glittering strands of effervescent arpeggios. Almost every (though not always nonsensical) categorisation proves to be brittle in this case: there is neither a soloist, nor an accompanyist. Theo Bleckmann's voice is just as vocal as it is instrumental, Kirk Nurock's piano begins to sing at times. His performance on the piano is occasionally strangely cumbersome and both daringly elegant; Bleckmann's voice is able to create warmth by causing cold shivers. As they are both specialized in ambivalent moods, in mental conditions that - were we asked to desribe our own emotions - would leave us perplexed, speechless, shrugging our shoulders. Kirk Nurock's home-town, and the adopted one of Theo Bleckmann for some years now, is New York. And there, two inhabitants of probably the loudest and most hectic of places on this globe create a deep poetry, that others think to find only in the quiescence of total solitude, such as Norwegian woods... And when Theo Bleckmann and Kirk Nurock call in bassist Mike Richmond and drummer Jeff Hirshfield, it is not to let the listener feel the pulse of the metropolis, but rather their own, more intensively. With "Looking-Glass River" they prove what could be the most valuable power of music: the ability to sensibilize.

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