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   Theo Bleckmann & Kirk Nurock: Looking Glass River: Presscuts

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Release Date: 20.10.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304241325
TT Catalogue No: 4412

  • ". . . Nurock, pianist, music professor and vocal explorer composed the songs closely along the Jazz style to then release them into freedom. Under his fingers even Jazz standards or the Beatles´ titel "Norwegian Wood" seem to appear in a new light: swinging he takes the heaviness out of melancholy and with a rock-like attack he brings singer Theo Bleckmann down to the bottom line. Bleckmann, who is almost twenty years younger than his accompanist, sustains single tones as if they were imperishable. As a seductive troubadour he sings Shakespeare songs or settings of Robert Louis Stevenson and shortly after that sounds like a didgeridoo, a howling dog, birds in the dusk or even adds a phonetic coloratura on top.Theo Bleckman´s height-loving and experimental singing is especially influenced by women singers such as Yma Sumac or Meredith Monk. But when he sings "hear the wind blow", a gentle breeze moves through the room."
    DIE ZEIT, Anna-Bianca Krause - December 1995

  • "New York Pianist Kirk Nurock and Bleckmann, who grew up in Dortmund, Germany, form a rare unity, that you can call a serious lucky break of recent jazz history which ought to be greatly appreciated."
    JAZZPODIUM, February 1996

  • "Theo Bleckmann and Kirk Nurock put together this piano/vocal duo with a different kind of perception. This is not just about a consistently spontaneous dialogue or virtuosic giving and taking. In this case, there is neither a soloist, nor an accompanist. Bleckmann's voice is as vocal as it is instrumental. Nurock's piano work also sings. This is the pinnicle of jazz voicing. Jazz instrumentalists should indeed to strive to make their instrument sound vocal and vice versa for vocalists. In this endeavor, Bleckmann and Nurock succeed with elegance."

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