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   Electric Rama: Go Deeper: Release Information

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Release Date: 18.05.1996
EAN/UPC: 4015698441420
TT Catalogue No: 4414

A touch of eastern melody, interwoven with dance-grooves , indian ragas, plus beatle-tinged energy and emotion are the elements which combine to form the unique sound of Electric Rama, the band revolving around Sri Lankan born singer-composer Ramesh B.Weeratunga. Their CD "Go Deeper" captures this remarkable melange of pop and world beat.
From such groove-based tunes as "Go Deeper" and "Love is to be done" through to the emotional ballads "I'll never cease to love" and "Cries of Crime", the CD spans an extraordinary spectrum of musical idioms, while maintaining a distinctive style and continuity. Ramesh's fascination with western pop-music, intrisically bound with his eastern roots hybridize the familiar and the exotic.

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