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   Jazz Indeed: Under Water: Release Information

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Release Date: 18.04.1996
EAN/UPC: 4015698441529
TT Catalogue No: 4415

"under water" is the debut album of the Berlin-based group, jazz indeed. The young quintet met as students at the jazz department of the prestigious Hochschule der Kuenste, andhasbeen performing to great acclaim in concerts and festivals throughout Germany, for years. The charismatic group plays exclusively original compositions by its members. Their highly adventuresome music blends jazz traditions with hard, funk grooves, techno-influenced electronics and free-floating space improvs. A favourite of audiences and press alike, jazz indeed is at the vanguard of fresh new jazz sound today.

" Very promising young people ! With their mix of different jazz eras, the band is "right in the trend"
Tagesspiegel Berlin

" Happily, they never "play it safe". The Berlin quintet knows the basic of jazz so well, that the musicians always go beyond the usual and the ordinary. As a live band grown close over fout years, they master a balance between space, a few dropped notes, and aggressive funkiness."
Zitty Magazine

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