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   Kookoon: High Wire: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.09.1996
EAN/UPC: 705304441824
TT Catalogue No: 4418

Dedicated to the spirit of balance and freedom

This music was originated to accompany the performances of the internationally renowned high wire aerialist Matthias Traber. The ambient and minimalistic music captures the tension and excitement of this death-defying act as well as aurally complementing the visual presented by the tightrope walker, arms spread like wings, balanced on a thin wire, poised over the exigencies of human existence.

The eight songs, all instrumental recording (with some sounds of nature and synthesized vocal sounds), are an engaging melange of a wide range of ambient and minimalistic music. Spacey, percussive, rhythmic, ethnic, jazzy, trance-like ... all describe what you will hear on this recording. It is varied but holds together via its focus on creating the correct aural milieu for the high wire artistry.

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