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   Xiame: The Shadow Of My Soul: Release Information

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Release Date: 24.01.1997
EAN/UPC: 705304442128
TT Catalogue No: 4421

"Latin-Pop-crossover from Rio to Reykjavik" (CMJ New Music Report)

For the German-Brazilian Trio XIAME, their second album "Canto d'alma" had become a surprising success in the US. Their unique mixture of Latin, Folk, Pop and Jazz and the individual styles of the musicians inspired the listener.
New members, featuring Danish vocalist Naja and drummer Kenny Martin, formerly with Defunkt, have provided a new source of creativity for the band. They unite their contrasting musical characters, ethnic roots and personal backgrounds into a harmonic set, a rich diversity of sounds and moods, that call to mind cinematic images, full of hope and joy and trigger unusual depth of emotion.

Xiame's wonderfully lyrical, emotionally packed and engaging sound jumps off their latest CD 'The Shadow of My Soul' from the first notes of the first song. Song after song illustrates what makes Xiame such an excellent group i.e. great melodies, heartfelt execution by world class musicians, empathetic ensemble play, sensitive accompaniment on vocal tunes, expressively strong instrumentals, depths of influences including pop, jazz, Brazilian, dance, ballads and even trance (Hip People).
The Shadow of My Soul, Xiame's third U.S. release, shows the development of the group, especially in its lyricism and pop sophistication in such vocal songs as 'The Shadow of My Soul', 'I Will Be On My Way', 'Always, Almost' and 'Maybe Tomorrow'. Don't mistake sophistication for slick, though. Xiame does not sacrifice it's heart and soul when it delivers these new original songs. Other songs hearken back to Xiame's roots and its earlier music such as the Brazilian influenced instrumental dance number 'Nossa Terra', 'Don't Drink Faucet Water in Dakar' which is full of heady Latin percussion, 'Lenha Na Fogueira' a funky, dance number with lyrics in Portuguese, 'O Gallo' with its unison vocals and Brazilian rhythms and the upbeat, danceable last tune, 'Muxima'. Again Xiame finds the proper space for interesting instrumental tunes with 'Nossa Terra' and 'Hip People'. A song like 'No Sense at All' still maintains a distinctive Xiame sound but is clearly jazz, funk and blues influenced.
Soaring above, around and through eight of the tunes is the strong, sweet, compelling and honest voice of generation-x, Danish singer Naja Storebjerg. The stylish and hearty drumming of Kenny Martin kicks throughout. Jorge Degas, bassist and vocals, maintains his leadership role via the strong foundation he provides and the special vocal qualities that he offers. Misters Michael Rodach (guitar) and percussionist Andreas Weiser provide stalwart rhythm and tasteful solos.

XIAME means to listen to the variety and beauty of life

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