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   Michael Schiefel: Invisible Loop: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.09.1997
EAN/UPC: 705304442623
TT Catalogue No: 4426

In his debut SOLO program, Michael Schiefel boldly goes into sound galaxies no man has heard before - at least not by a Human voice.
Fragile, harsh, lyrical, explosive, comical, morbid, sophisticated and daring are only some of the possible adjectives to describe this exceptional singer's vocal range.
Michael Schiefel found his very own style which hits the heart of the 90's. Through his innovative and sometimes grotesque arrangements, old Standards appear in a fresh new light and his original tunes are the outcome of an intensive integration of several styles of music.
Effortlessly he switches between Pop and Madrigal, Techno and Jazz.He playfully uses modern technology like Loop-Delays and sound effects without placing them in the foreground. The technology is only the means to create his own orchestra and to surprise the listener with new sounds and unexpected pictures.
The all-round talent of this singer is astonishing: one second an introverted fragile nymph, and in the next moment a dynamic gyrating entertainer ...

“ET has been sleeping with Billie Holiday and Michael is their child. This music will dazzle you and touch your heart!”
Kirk Nurock

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