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   Michael Schiefel: Invisible Loop: Presscuts

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Release Date: 01.09.1997
EAN/UPC: 705304442623
TT Catalogue No: 4426

  • "A star is born."
    Berliner Morgenpost 4.11.97

  • "With the release of his debut CD in the fall, Michael Schiefel will cause something of a stir."
    Weserkurier 18.8.97

  • "It has little to do with traditional acappella singing; Michael Schiefel helps the genre to leap into the 90's ... bewildering virtuosic!"
    taz 10/97

  • "The discovery of the year!"
    ADAM 10/97

  • "A voice without limits!"
    FOYER 10/97

  • "Marvellous!"
    Fachblatt 11/97

  • "Singing art and technique deliver a daring duet which flashes through quite a few emotional frontiers. Schiefel revels in acappella, loves pop-songs and free improvisation. Now he takes a crack at a solo appearance and with 'Invisible Loop', the symbiosis. He succeeds wonderfully with highlights like 'The Third Prelude' from Bach, Sting's 'Walking in Your Footsteps', Andy Summers' 'Mother' and a version of 'The Dawn' which will please Miles Davis fans. Michael Schiefel's sound impressions bear witness to quality and taste."

  • "Schiefel's astounding vocal quick-change art doesn't miss a sound. Which answers the question if there could be singing after Bobby McFerrin."
    Hamburger Abendblatt 12/97

  • " ... a whole new dimension to human singing in our time. 'Invisible Loop' is a harmonious sound adventure par excellence."
    Jazz Podium 2/97

  • "Michael Schieffel successfully straddled art and entertainment with dazzling, densely layered pieces."

  • "Refined works of art by voice ... With 'I Hate Music but I Like to Sing', Schiefel has begun his grandiose solo performance - a slogan which for him became an impressive program, and from the public, a jubilant one."
    Mindener Tageblatt 31.3.98

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