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   Jassa Mariano: Chegada Global: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.10.1998
EAN/UPC: 705304848425
TT Catalogue No: 4447

The guitarrist, singer, and composer Jassa Mariano, grew up in Sao Paulo. In 1987 he decided to move to Germany where he made his way from Cologne to Berlin.

He spent his nights in clubs and gave concerts. Encounters with musicians of differents nationalities engraved on his daily life and also made him aware of the dark side of life on "the edge of the cultural establishment". It was under these circumstances, with an apprenticeship in Hotel Studies and while learning German, that he found his leg to stand on.

Moreover he discovered his organizational talents and thus opened his first Brazilian Café in Berlin, organized concerts, and finally and consequently, performed again himself. Taba, his restaurant in Berlin, is today a lively meeting place of the Brazilian szene in the capital city and on top of that, a frequently-visited club. Again in 1997 Mariano found his own band with his fellow countrymen Jabuti on guitar and drummer Fernando Pereira, Oliver Schwiegershausen on bass and Russian pianist Dimitri Pavlov. At the beginning of 1998 they began the recording of the now-released, wonderful " Brazilian-poppish" album, "Chegada Global", for which he also gathered guest musicians from different countries.

Mariano manages a unity across all borders. There are not only Brazilian-Portuguese cover versions of German Pop classics ("Als ich fortging" from Karussell), but also wonderful, relaxed Latin Pop titles in German ("Dein Bild", "Es geht sowieso vorbei", "Agneta").

"Chegada Global" thus becomes an experience of the natural and unconstrained kind - zest and fun of music know no borders nor no rules.

Suggested Listening: Bola Bola, Princesa Latina and Infinita Mulher (a Portuguese cover version of the Karussell classic "Als ich fortging".

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