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   Jazz Indeed: Who The Moon Is: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.10.1998
EAN/UPC: 705304857625
TT Catalogue No: 4427

From the beginning, temptation and humor, individuality and explosive intensity have characterized the music and appearance of the Berlin band jazz indeed. With only one change in the band's line-up - bassist Daniel Cordes recently went his own way and Paul Kleber stepped into his place - they have persistantly pursued the idea of the musical collective of these five independent, musical personalities, in order to develop a common vision.

In 1996 they impressed us with their debut album "under water", which they presented with their unique sense for the extraordinary at a public swimming pool in Berlin.
In the two years following the charismatic band played numerous concerts in Germany and toured extensively throughout Greece, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

Now they present with "who the moon is", an atmospheric, poetic virtuoso album, which goes to prove again, that jazz indeed has absorbed the Jazz tradition to emerge from it with confidence and playful ease.

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