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   David Friedman & Jasper van't Hof: Birds of a Feather: Release Information

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Release Date: 15.01.1999
EAN/UPC: 705304860823
TT Catalogue No: 4428

Ivory keys and metal bars merge into one timbral string of perls, shooting into the atmosphere, transforming; now a rainbow, now bell shaped raindrops, falling, dancing around each other. Vibes and piano. Kindred souls of harmony and percussion? David Friedman and Jasper van’t Hof are kindred souls, indeed. But there’s more that unites them than the way they relate to their respective instruments. They share a basic attitude about music, about the aesthetics of music making. True Birds of a feather. They are also hopeful romantics who believe that there is such a thing as beauty; two earthly adventurers and free spirits, wandering, telling a story in the form of a travelog, combining a definite sense of drama and playfullness.When one hears and see them with the "inner eye", it immediately becomes clear that it’s not about making music, but rather playing music.
Jasper and David reap the fruits of artistic maturity, free from the need to prove themselves. If they assume roles of any kind it’s usually in the form of role-play, sophisticated games, each employing highly differenciated kinds of attack. After all, the touch creates the tone...and the tone, the music.
Karsten Mützelfeldt - WDR/DLF

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