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   Vinx: Big 'n Round: Presscuts

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Release Date: 01.09.1999
EAN/UPC: 705304879023
TT Catalogue No: 4431

  • "In spite of a few rock-laden and electronically alienated passages, a magically cool album."
    JazzThing, 11/99

  • "...extremely relaxed vocal acrobatics, scat-singing as if it were the easiest and most natural thing in the world, unpretentious and yet absolutely devoted."
    WDR 4

  • "An absolutely convincing voice, a groove that gets right into your bloodstream - one of my first thoughts while listening: Here's finally somebody making "real black" music."
    Jazzpodium 12/99

  • "He (Vinx) can even give a vocal solo so much suspense that track-zapping becomes superfluous."
    Wom Journal 11/99

  • "Vinx once again relies on his time-tested qualities: Soul & jazz, intimate, direct, and handmade."
    Ticket, 11/99

  • "Singing and percussion without a lot of effects, plus a grooving band, really round out "Big'n'Round."
    Jazzthetik 11/99

  • "Vinx sounds really original here, sparingly using several effects for his voice, he gives us a good, exceedingly groovy album, far from anything Jungle Funk has offered to date. Just good songs, sparingly instrumented, and intelligently mature percussion."
    Drums & Percussion 11/99

  • "It's all real, every note is played. And that "big and round" soul voice embraces the grooves like a warm winter coat."
    adam 10/99

  • "Berlin-based Traumton deserves a hearty handshake for this delightful album, which deftly toes the line between pop and jazz. Nice job, VINX!"
    G21, Bob Powers

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