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   Kookoon: Inner Earth: Presscuts

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Release Date: 03.08.1999
EAN/UPC: 705304892725
TT Catalogue No: 4429

  • "There has never been an electronic album like "Inner Earth."
    CD of the month - Keyboards 11/99

  • "Inner earth breathes movement. Something deep and unfathomable has been marching forth in milliseconds, for millions of years. The sound is massive and of huge cathedral-like monumentality and eternity. Yet within this architecture brief and briefest sequences reverberate, almost playfully. They arise, whir and fade, to be swallowed by the whole. A head trip to the center of the earth - we already read it when we were children..."

  • "Sound landscapes from the multi-voiced choir of earth movements."
    Berliner Morgenpost

  • "Fascinating, peaceful sounds that don't need to shy away from a comparison to Eno's ambient masterpieces like "Music for Airports."

  • "Brilliant and irresistable."

  • "An unbelievably fascinating project."
    Joachim Ernst Berendt

  • "An acoustic expedition."
    zdf online

  • "Composer Wolfgang Loos (kookoon) working with Frank Scherbaum, professor for geophysics at Potsdam university. Not acoustically but seismically outside the audible range, seismic waves are continually recorded around the globe, signals from earth quakes, volcanic eruptions wind, ocean surf, etc. The frequency contents of seismograms were shifted into the audible range On the cd what you hear are the sounds composed completely out of the natural seismic signals, sound fragments discovered within the signals, which have been rearranged and re-composed, no additional instruments are used. Slowly shifting tonal drones sounding a little like a bowed instrument in places, echoing, base sounds which have a subterranean feel, liquid and evolving, a composition that makes you feel like you are journeying into the earth."
    Noisegate no9, April 2002

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