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   Rodach/Moss: Fragmentary Blues: Presscuts

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Release Date: 30.08.1999
EAN/UPC: 705304892626
TT Catalogue No: 4432
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  • "20 new radical inventions reach for the stars...from something old make something brand new...blues 2001."
    Jazzthing 11/99

  • "....Pure chaos and at the same time a beautiful hommage to the blues."
    Südkurier, 23.11.99

  • "It sounds like pepped up Tom Waits or forgotten Captain Beefheart, distorted, wild, sexy, conspiratorial, tender, and hopelessly desperate all at once."
    FAZ, Christian Broecking, 2.12.99

  • "Watch out: Anybody wanting to tap a foot to this blues would be in acute danger of breaking a leg. Drummer and vocal-artist David Moss - an American in Berlin - and German guitarist/composer Michael Rodach spit out raw blues riffs; the standardized twelve bars are shredded, collaged, intermixed with scraps of noise and emerge as hot air machismo. The howling guitar, wild vocals, and jolting drums sound both familiar and disconcerting at once. Are these supposed to be parodies? No,these two are serious with their 20 tracks full of bittersweet blues truth."
    Die Woche, 5.11.99, Michael Berger

  • "Fragmentary Blues": Avantgard percussionist/vocalist David Moss (U.S.A.-Berliner) and guitarist Michael Rodach cut the blues to pieces, sort out their building blocks, and reconstruct their own version: treating familiar effects ironically, compressing and reducing to the bare essentials, blue-noting static fields of sound to a powerplay on the verge of chaos.
    Only change is certain, and the determination with which Rodach swings between the joy of experimentation and and its fundament in the established, with which Moss lets the backbeat groove one time and dissolves it into single impulses the next, and the ferocity with which he develops his lyrics only to question them immediately, modulating his voice between vocalisation, stammering, laughing and the pathetic gesturing of an orator. Fragmentary Blues: A little pain, and a lot of music."
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 18.11.99

  • "Moss and Rodach have fun using blues guitar clichés, formal rituals and vocal fragments to direct an interactive, parodistic, hot and entertaining acoustic theater. Funny and intense."
    Gitarre & Bass, 11/99

  • "This album documents the unorthodox treatment of a genre whose areas were believed to have been staked out for a long time. Rodach and Moss don't play the blues, they juggle with its "feeling". They tear down a hundred-year-old house to construct something new with the bricks, which nevertheless exudes the flair of the former building with undiminished intensity."
    Jazzthetik, Kampmann, 11/99

  • "Two men aiming the John Zornian raygun at blues cliche´s in their dialogues. Blue notes change into icey snowballs, thickening to avalanches in attacks of noise. Then Moss and Rodach do a free-rhythm roll in the Delta-Blues swamp. They drive James Brown riffs to warp speed in the particle accelerator of their fantasy, let Ry Cooder's lonely, sighing guitar drown in a pool of noise-like tango quotations. In this eccentric and bizarre perception of the blues, two equals have found each other ...This is an accumulation of pure thirst for adventure."
    Tagesspiegel, Günther Huesmann, 29.11.99

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