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   ╔vasion: Peuples Amants: Release Information

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Release Date: 15.04.2000
EAN/UPC: 4015698940923
TT Catalogue No: 4449

'Évasion' means to take flight, to escape, or to migrate. In the case of this vocal sextet the term "Eva-sion" would be more appropriate: six young women who have taken it upon themselves to conquer the world of music.

The list of their festival performances in Germany speaks for itself; including the Europhonics Festival, Dortmund, the "Zeltfestival ZDF"/ 3Sat, Making Waves/Köln, at the Kulturarena Jena, Women in (E)motion in Bremen, the festival "Perspectives" in Saarbrücken, La Fête de la Musique in Berlin, the Bard's Festival and St. Katherinen Open Air in Nürnberg, and the Tollwood Festival in Munich.

And to think that the whole thing started quite coincidentally. When Gwena‘lle Baudin, Sabrina Esseid, Laurence Giorgi, Habla Troudi and the sisters Anne-Marie and Nathalie Ferreira, all of them between 10 and fifteen years old at the time, met during a workshop at a bicentenniel celebration of the French revolution in southern France's Romans, they would never have dreamt that they'd soon be touring France with their own musical repertoire. At that time still a local "discovery" they first appeared at the "Printemps de Bourges" festival and sang where the people were, especially journalists. With a disarming charm they presented songs from all over the Mediterranean, where lie Évasion's cultural roots. All of them are "newcomers". Their parents come from Portugal, Algeria, Italy, and Brittany, from countries and areas whose cultural identities have enjoyed international recognition in the past ten years. Taking off from there, they've constantly widened their repertoire and sing today in more than 20 languages!

If the songs were mostly traditional at the beginning, their program now includes compositions especially made for them, along with songs they discovered themselves during their numerous travels. For example, "Mon nasion" by the group, Malovi, from RZŁunion is on their new album. It is typical for Évasion to place this song beside the composition, "Deliciae Meae" by the Belgian Nicholas Lens, who became popular for his pompous, classical requiems "Flamma Flamma" and "Terra Terra. Songs from Venezuela, Haiti, Madagascar, Albania, and Russia can also be found on "Peuples Amants", where the contents of their songs are as diverse as their origins. The joy of love ("Kalina Malina"), the pain of love ("El canto del Pilon") stand beside an elegy to Zenel Celua, a resistance hero against the Ottomans (Janines c’ pane skytee"), or a soldier's song from the first world war (O Gorizia, tu sei maledetta"). Any danger of randomness, however, is eliminated by the six singers' expertise and virtuosity, charm and self-confidence - unaffected, passionate, sometimes fresh and direct and in any case unmistakably Évasion.

"Évasion .... has managed, with great sensitivity, to reconcile the sublimity of the sacred with popular sponteneity "(Chorus/Les Cahiers de la Chanson). "Peuples Amants", their fourth album, is eloquent proof of this, and at the same time just another station on their way around the world. First introduced to the French audience in March last year at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées and the legendary Olympia in Paris, they were promptlyinvited to the theater festival in Avignon for no fewer than 21 (!) concerts.

The "global village" isn't just where people happen to be talking about it. The singers from Évasion create a very feminine vision of it; their music being an expression of unreservedness, tolerance and "joie de vivre".

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