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   Erika Stucky: Bubbles & Bones: Presscuts

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Release Date: 01.10.2001
EAN/UPC: 705304064924
TT Catalogue No: 4454

  • American-Swiss vocalist Erika Stucky is being celebrated as one of the most original new voices on the international jazz scene. Her Swiss roots join hand with big city spontaneity to span a bewildering but tremendously enthralling bridge between down-home alpine and urban nightmare.
    Frankfurter Allgemeine

  • "The biggest surprise on opening night of the Berlin Jazzfest was the debut of vocalist Erika Stucky, whose territory encompasses that of Sheila Jordan, Bobby McFerrin and Bruce Hampton. "
    America's Jazz Magazine - Jazztimes, USA

  • "Erika Stucky is singing her way through world history"
    Jazzthetik 10/2001

  • Fabulous
    The only place she is not enjoying the worldwide reputation she deserves is in her own home country: Erika Stucky, who grew up in both Mörel, Switzerland and in San Francisco. Wallis, Switzerland gave her her roots, the USA her brazenness: Stucky entertains passionately, easily, lovingly, mixing the mountains´ magic with their own worst nightmares, and finally reflects humorously on her double role as housewife and jazz star. Comedy without slapstick, art without conceit, jazz songs that don´t have a gram of fat to spare. Magnificent - musicians Ray Anderson, Art Baron, José´Davila, Dino Saluzzi, George Gruntz - and Knut Jensen from the famous Basler duo Knut & Silvy., November 2001

  • "....Erika Stucky is an original. In the funworld of music she whisks up concoctions of Ellington and the Police, Aerosmith with the Beatles or Randy Newman. Scatting and yodelling, yearning like crazy and swinging like mad, she is at times groovy, wistful, nostalgic. Pop, jazz and folk flow together into a lusty and amusing avant-garde entertainment mix. It excites because with all that fun there´s just no place for cynicism. And none at all for triteness. "
    Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 3.11.2001

  • "Stucky has found her "thing" - between two cultures, at home in both of them, juggling both with virtuosity, making hers one of the shrillest performances on the current European scene."
    Coolibri, November 2001

  • This American-Swiss vocalist, surrounded by brass (the "Bones"), relishes her stroll through an adventurously diversified repertoire. Jazz, entertainment, cabaret? Bubbles & Bones."
    Jazzzeitung 11/2001, Critics Choice - Bert Noglik, MDR

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    HIFI-CHECK * * * * *
    " Original and strange"
    Stereo 12/2001

  • "...vocal performance art between Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk and Tom Waits."
    Stereoplay 12/2001

  • "....Bubbles & Bones is definitely some of the funniest stuff vibrating loudspeakers today."
    Klassik Heute 12/2001

  • INTERPRETATION * * * * *
    KLANG * * * * *
    Star of the Month
    Fono Forum 12/2001

  • "Erika Stucky? Never heard of her? You´re missing something big... A great album by an extraordinary artist."
    Westzeit 12/2001, Klaus Hübner

    " Switching back and forth between little girl from the Alps and jazz lady....more heart-rending than seriously avant-garde: serious fun."
    Rolling Stone 1/2002

  • "This American Swiss singer straddles two cultures and many musical styles with a cool and clever delivery. She comes on like Ann Magnuson and Judy Tenuta with a mammoth avant jazz voice [with hints of Meredith Monk]. She has a gift for levity and is a vocal gymnastic treat, going hi & lo, going scat and totally vampy campy. At times I think of Bobby McFerrin but she also has a gift for irreverent phrasing of questionable pop/rock classics such as "You Are My Sunshine" "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith and "Roxanne" by the Police. Her humor is pointed like Loudon Wainwright and grungy like Mojo Nixon. And somehow her big-city scorn and her scowly swingin' scat is sweetened by the earnestness and care her Swiss roots bring to the music. "
    Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam

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