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   Nine Rain: Rain of Fire: Presscuts

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Release Date: 01.09.2001
EAN/UPC: 705304084229
TT Catalogue No: 4455

Ironic visions

" In the mid 90s Nine Rain was founded by Steven Brown in Mexico City, but long before, between 1977 and 1985, this keyboard-player and saxophonist from San Francisco enjoyed cult-status in the USA and Europe with the group Tuxedomoon. At that time the progressive quartet moved with its own sense of identity and style between punk and artistry, electronics and world jazz. After the dissolution of Tuxedomoon, Steven Brown moved to Mexico, to immerse himself in its culture and everyday life. His reputation as an avant-garde pop-pioneer has been reinforced by his playing in Nine Rain. Together with the German electronics' specialist Nikolas Klau and the Mexicans José Manuel Aguilera and Alejandro Herrera, he has been tracing relationships between Latin American grooves and European jazz, underground rock and imaginary film-music. ... read more ", Norbert Krampf

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