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   Cora Frost & Orkester: Nexte Lied: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.04.2002
EAN/UPC: 705304144626
TT Catalogue No: 4456

Magic Cora
Her skies are bluer than blue and her world is boisterously alive: Cora Frost is certainly the most enigmatic diseuse of the times. Provoking, brash, bursting with word power and sheer strength, she doesn't consider extensive wallowing in the minor scale to be beneath her. Chanson, absurd theatre, vaudeville with a touch of Bavarian folk-comedy, pop and rock - Frost tries it all, placing her trust in free thinking, songwriting and most of all, in life.

The 38-year-old Berliner-by-choice picks her best stories out of the daily drudge and wraps them up with wit and sympathy for all the little inconspicuous big city dwellers: people in jogging suits, bargain hunters at the supermarket, timid fortune seekers - Cora Frost sketches them in their true colors with striking words and sounds. And already you think you're wandering with her through Kreuzberg, scratching along the concrete, always following her voice. See the faces and lights of the restless city, listen to the longing for another life and feel the defiance and the knowledge that there just might not be a better one.

After her celebrated song performance "Nur für eine Nacht - Gobstop", in which she collaborated with a theatre troupe of homeless people( "Ratten 070") to tell the story of the gangster heroes from Odessa, and her performances with Chico Cesar in Brazil, Cora Frost & ORkesteR 2001 present their new programme "Nexte Lied" with compositions by Susanne Betancor, Peer Raben, Mark Scheibe and Gerd Thumser. And once again, critics and audiences agree: "Cora Frost is possibly the biggest and most dangerous thing to happen to the German chanson scene", (the "FAZ") and even "Die Welt" discovered her as "the singer who maintains her mystery as a saucy street kid, a patchwork princess, infected with life."

Accompanied by the brilliant "ORkesteR" – Topo Daniel Gioia and Michael Joch (percussion), Paul Brody (trumpet), Gary Schmalzl (guitar) and Markus Lang (organ and syntheziser) – Cora Frost has captured 14 "Nexte Lieder" on CD.
Among them: the heavenly "Magic Doris". Taking all the time in the world, she begins a declaration of love to the most beautiful transvestite in the world, who suddenly appears at the corner of Kreuzberg´s Oranienstrasse. To see Doris is to fall for her. Voice, words, images, rhythms - Frost pulls out all the stops until "Magic Doris" becomes piercing pop - a St. Vitus's dance of feeling. It's followed by calm and endless blue: "Mein Himmel ist vor deinem Fenster" ("My sky is outside your window"), long minutes of perfect happiness - it's just too good. A little later foam-cushioned irony threatens in cute trilling about the wants and needs of simple-minded girls: "It's always the other ones who are beautiful - I have better things to do". Like going to the "supermarket" – where cheap, cheap happiness lies on the shelves. Past the people grabbing for joghurt and cookies trying to sweeten up that eternal wait for "real life". Fantastic. "Bleib Liegen", penned by Fassbender composer Peer Raben, surges dramatically, while Brazilian melancholy shimmers through Dorival Caymis composition "é doce morrer no mar". Then Cora Frost discovers "Ljuba" in a cabbage field, reflects on prostitution on a country road to the Czech Republic, races through a purgatory of passions in "Abbiama fatto l'amore qui auf dem Soffa", to finally eavesdrop on the last fading echoes of the night - dawn over Berlin. "Throw those golden shoes at me one more time". Dreamy minutes later a beautiful ode to wading through the deepest moods rings out - "Yesterday I still wanted to die". Incredibly tender and full of melancholy.

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