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   Rodach: On Air: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.09.2002
EAN/UPC: 705304183922
TT Catalogue No: 4459

Chillout & Polka Dots

Lift off, you are on the air. Michael Rodach conjures up both of these feelings with the title of his new album. And that quiet irony that accompanies every struggle against the forces of gravity. But if the laws of nature remain unchangeable, why not just play with the elements? So Rodach colors the air red-white, the airplane floating into it sky-blue. Turning things around , driving them to their opposites to see what happens, is one of his many strengths. And this strength doesn´t shy from self-experimentation, which is why Rodach has, in the mean time, moved to a “poodle” district in Berlin , of all places, for illusion´s sake - the illusion that the world is indeed a friendly place.

And this shimmers through his 18 new songs. But Rodach wouldn´t be an expert of unpredictable mood zigzagging if he left out the darker side. Again he has populated his sound universe with obstinate melody mobiles, weightless veils of sound and clowns lost in dreams. They pass by, searching for their own personal vanishing point, some grim and hurrying, others lagging behind, eavesdropping on echoes.

Michael Rodach says that he doesn´t have to search very long for associations to his sounds. Encounters, every-day situations are enough, already words and images are flowing. Like at the Iberian airport, when he suddenly felt himself surrounded by voices. Bodiless women bubbled out of the loudspeakers, sexy and cool. Whispered flight numbers and other secret codes. For a quarter of an hour Rodach stood there and captured this busy complexity on tape. The singsong melody of the announcements, robust men´s voices, the atmosphere of modern mobility - he has melted all of this into a fabulously grooving club number, “Smooth Airport Voices”.

„On Air“ starts with this track, and so embarks on a fascinating trip through the many parallel worlds Rodach operates in. Music for film, dance and theatre is his specialty – the guitarist can accompany pictures without betraying their content.

Unlike his last solo album “Himmel und Hölle (“Heaven and Hell”)( 2000), Rodach didn´t, groom his ideas into hard contrasts on this one. “On Air” swings gently through various moods and tempos. Some of it shines coolly, like the melancholy “Nine Lives” and “The Blue Wonder”; other tracks oscillate feverishly between poles of extremity, like the curious track, “Uyediana”, which for a brief moment recalls the shout that Serbians traditionally use to summon their bees. Shrill flutes and drums from Basel´s carneval make their loud way through “Trauma”, the rhythmical groaning, hissing and whooshing of an aging industrial plant accompany “Tausend Gründe” (“A Thousand Reasons”), and “Strange Birds” carries on a dialogue typical for al l”weirdoes”, whether they have wings or legs. And there are still more highlights ,like the magical “Casino Orion”, that seeks to recall the once so clairaudient television series “Raumschiff Orion”, and “Zeit steht Still” (“Time stands Still”), as meditative in its effect as a monochrome picture.

„On Air“ is a powerful album. Confident, full of creatures of the night, each one playing the main role in its very own film.

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