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Release Date: 09.06.2002
EAN/UPC: 705304184127
TT Catalogue No: 4460

r e v i s t a do samba with Beto Bianchi - guitar, Letícia Coura - vocals and Cavaquinho and Vitor da Trindade - percussion, has existed in São Paulo since 1999. On their CD of the same name, r e v i s t a do samba go back to the roots of samba and put its diverse history on parade.
Refreshingly alive and free of nostalgic pathos, r e v i s t a do samba present their minimal arrangements of sambas from the 20's to the 60's, presenting composers like Donga, Noel Rosa, Assis Valente, Adoniran Barbosa, Monsueto Menezes and Ataulfo Alves along with samba classics, "milestones", and some nearly forgotten songs.
Their version of "Me deixa em paz" (Monsueto Menezes/Airton Amorim), one of Monsueto's first real successes which became a hit during carnival in 1952, is wonderfully laid-back. "What we love about this song is that no matter how it is interpreted, it retains its original samba character", says guitarist Beto Bianchi.
One of the classics in their repertoire is, of course, "Pelo Telefone", the song regarded as the first recorded samba. This song's success established samba as a musical style and "the" music of the Brazilian carnival. It remains unclear as to who the actual copyrights to "Pelo Telefone" has - the song grew out of jam sessions in which some of the best known samba composers, Donga, Sinhô, Pixinguinha and João da Baiana, among others, took part. What we know for sure is that Donga had the songs recorded for Odeon Records in December 1916, whereby Donga and Mauro de Almeida (lyrics) were named as composers. The sheet music was deposited in the National Library on November 27, 1916, the genre described as "Samba Carnavalesco".

"Três apitos", a song from the 30's written by Noel Rosa, lends the album a wistful echo. Til today this composer and lyricist is not only known for his wonderful melodies, but is especially appreciated for his humorous and poetic lyrics, often reflecting on social life. When once asked about the relationship between love and music, Noel Rosa answered that it was the same as the relationship between a banana peel and the act of slipping and falling on one.

Live, r e v i s t a do samba captivate with their supreme ease and presence. The charismatic singer/actress Letícia Coura knows just how to stage the songs, guitarist Beto Bianchi provides the calm pole and percussionist Vitor da Trinidade sets the impetuous accents.

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