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   Kookoon: Magnetic Moon: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.10.2002
EAN/UPC: 705304188422
TT Catalogue No: 4462

After ambient album "High Wire" (96) and experimental project "Inner Earth - a seismosonic symphony" (99), a collage of seismographic data transformed into acoustic signals, the new production "Magnetic Moon", is released as a double CD and also as an optical "chillout" concept in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound on DVD.

Gentle, soft, wave-like and reflecting, swelling and falling. Irrational and secretive. Constantly changing, symbol of the cycle of creation, growth, maturing, and passing. Symbol of the unconscious and hidden, unfathomable, fantasy and emotion. The moon. Its gravity not only determines nature's cyclic processes, it also influences our mood. The light of the moon transforms reality into a mystical image of itself. Mysteriously and unfathomably, we succumb to its enchantment.

Every sonambulist, who easily recognizes the deep connection between "Magnetic Moon" and Kokoon's debut album, "High Wire", knows this, contemplating the tides and how moods change with the pale full moon. The sounds oscillate minimally between ambient and trance, send your fantasy on far journeys where you always meet yourself at the end.

Twelve tracks long. "Magnetic Moon" wanders through wonderful moody deeps only to return again to the point of departure: "Beyond Blue". Enveloped by a mysterious melancholy, a Hammond organ begins its lamenting dialogue with piano and flugelhorn. Carefully taps its way through highly varied sensations which weave themselves into an iridescent veil.

Kookoon worked on "Magnetic Moon" for two years, and for the first time didn't set exclusively on the power of his unique sounds. Concepted as a DVD, Kookoon is now using optical images to approach those elements which both preoccupy and fascinate him: Water, waves and light. Ambient videospheres, recorded moments lost in dreams, in which time appears to stand still.

Flaming horizons, underwater worlds, impressions of big city nights ‹ little remains one-dimensional. Kookoon treats his images as if they were sounds: He layers them over each overlapping each other and repeating themselves until they start to shimmer in other colors and textures. Resulting in irritating but highly captivating collages.

Shimmering blue jellyfish magically sail through the gentle "Swaying of the Moods" and the "on & off monotony of big city lights pulse through "Nano". In "Cruising" the camera moves through a winter-cold Berlin Kreuzberg. You see the daylight fade in the windows and suddenly you feel like you're moving yourself, in a car, during one of those blue hours when destination is of no importance, only that precious intense feeling of being on the move, alone with yourself. Tension, relaxation, "Magnetic Moon" 's calm creates a kind of peace, maybe.

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