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   Ursula West: Daughter of Country: Release Information

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Release Date: 01.09.2002
EAN/UPC: 705304199121
TT Catalogue No: 4465

The peculiar charm of Ursula West's evening lies in its simple eloquence and lack of pretense. With her music (Johannes Roloff & his band) and a remarkable combination of innocence and strength, she tells her tale, an affecting and fascinating story of a mother and wife, singer and songwriter, but most of all, of a woman.
It's funny, sad, intense, but what makes it is Ursula West herself. She's "just folks" - but her appealing vulnerability and loving sensitivity is delighting her fans and even winning those who have avoided country music up to now.
And there are said to be commited fans who still haven't noticed that behind the amazingly authentic façade of the touching country girl is Christoph Marti of the Geschwister Pfister.

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