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   Carsten Daerr Trio: PurpleCoolCarSleep: Presscuts

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Release Date: 20.10.2003
EAN/UPC: 705304300923
TT Catalogue No: 4472

  • "Young, uncloned pianists are a rarity. Carsten Daerr isn’t suffering from jazz-academics. The Berlin musician concentrates much more on developing creative uniqueness and cultivating interplay with bassist Oliver Potratz and Eric Schaefer on the drums. This makes "PurpleCoolCarSleep" a joyfully independent piano-trio album, at times reminding of Brad Mehldau with a pinch of Jason Moran, but otherwise consequently modern.
    Anybody who breaks into the scene with such command definitely has a future."
    Stereoplay Klangtipp, December 2003, Ralf Dombrowski
  • "Berliner originality instead of US-defined tradition consciousness. No piano trio has entered the German scene with so much originality since Jens Thomas. Carsten Daerr combines free stuff with pronouncedly lyrical playing and manages, like Eric Schaefer on the drums, to make even adventurous changes sound round and casually original."
    Rolling Stone, February 2004, Klaus von Seckendorff, Rating: ****
  • "What this pianist has managed to do with his trio is more than just a valuable enrichment. Once again it’s about the liaison between European classical and jazz. Daerr is adept in New Music’s composition techniques, but he doesn’t just combine this with the Bill-Evans School jazz concept – his model is Kenny Kirkland,and that means he loves Postbop-Powerplay, crushing chords from the left hand, and plenty of racket from the drums.
    And Daerr’s harmonic extravagance is exactly what makes the effect extremely invigorating. We’re waiting for more."
    Jazzthing, November 2003, Johannes Völz
  • "Carsten Daerr has recorded a trio album with his partners Oliver Potratz and Eric Schaefer that unlike most German productions, has enormous power. Although classics like “Nardis” and “My Funny Valentine” are quoted or interpreted, although the starting-point is really conservative, there are clear forms, no rapping guests or other gimmicks – there is no redundancy, no painting by numbers.
    The brief lyrics elucidate the songs just as concisely and warmly as the trio emphatically gets to the point with its own musical ideas. I look for venerable old names to describe this rookie’s piano playing and come up with Jackie Terrasson, Jason Moran and Esbjörn Svensson. They have a lot on Daerr in life experience and technical brilliance, but what I mean is the effect of making people sit up and listen with very little means, and reminding them that this here is now."
    Jazzthetik, Rating: ****, December 2003, Eric Mandel
  • " ... an excellent warm-up from Berliner pianist Carsten Daerr,... on this CD you find an improbable creative freshness, far removed from any other piano trio conventions. He says his inspirations are Schubert, Hindemith, Kenny Kirkland and street noises of downtown Berlin. And just as contradictory and at the same time logical is the final acoustic result., which captivates through enormous harmonic and pianistic imaginativeness and establishes a new connection between European “art” music and jazz. All the facets of a piano’s sound are put into play on his album "PurpleCoolCarSleep" -. occidental playing tradition, string plucking and prepared piano. Kagel and Cage would love it."
    Keyboards 8/2004, Christoph Spendel

  • "Carsten Daerr’s compositions are often unconventional – clearly structured arrangements change off abruptly with unbridled improvisations - and this has style, keeping track of this trio is sheer joy. Far removed from any trends, these three strictly adhere to the tradition of pure instrumental-jazz and don’t only sound contemporary doing it, but refreshingly modern and absolutely up-to-date. So was this album overdue? And how: Bravo!", Peggy Thiele, November 2003

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