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   Patty Moon: Clouds Inside: Release Information

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Release Date: 15.10.2004
EAN/UPC: 705304515426
TT Catalogue No: 4476

clouds inside" – the title of Patty Moon’s debut album is a strangely graceful metaphor which automatically raises questions like: What kind of clouds? The ones that darken the sky to announce threatening storms? Ones that pass over like a fleeting thought? Ones that majestically and gracefully reside in the heavens at the side of the Sun King? Or are they feathery dream pillows you can float away on in reverie?

The musical rendezvous between Patty Moon and composer Tobias Schwab began in 1998. She composes, sings, writes lyrics. He arranges, produces, polishes. Home studio, night after night. Sampling of nerves. A lot of her songs are “just there”, says Patty. Lyrics and music: moments suddenly captured or, as she calls them, “living room impressions”, that move from the inside to the out.

The symbiosis between Patty’s very own melodies and harmonies and Tobias Schwab’s sound obsession is what the two of them call „their music“. And it is an adventurous cosmos of sound that ranges from analogue crackling all the way to opulent orchestral arrangements. Extensive harmonic excursions transport emotions and longing in “Second winter”, and return to the facts of reality in “Horses getting weak”. The 6–minute opus “Humming”, an indulgence in absent-minded daydreaming, builds up a bursting suspense with only two chords. The alienation in your own train of thoughts in “Stop and Go” sounds like the soundtrack to a futuristic Italian western. Above it all, is the voice of Patty moon.

Bewitchingly bundled emotions, warm and earthy from time to time - then fragile and transfigured but always clear and present. A voice that kicks off a flood of thoughts, one that you believe every word it says. Her lyrics bloom with curious metaphors, as the title of the album already hints at, circling around sadness, security, irony, brevity. The words rotate in a gravitational field between the blackest depths of the soul and a casual gaiety which can only be described as “melancholy” at best: living room impressions. Simply.

Soon her repertoire entails 50 songs. Several tracks from the home studio circulate in virtual space and land on tapes and self-made CD’s In 1999 Mario Thaler gets interested in the two of them. The “Notwist” producer invites Patty Moon to Uphon Studio in Weilheim and produces several songs for a demo. Stock-taking, starting point for further excursions. For four songs, Tobias writes arrangements for a string orchestra which he produces with Holst-Sinfonietta from Freiburg and which can still be enjoyed in the newest incarnations of the songs , especially pure and impressive to hear on “Me and the Moon”: Voice, string orchestra, bowed guitar, you don’t need any more to get shivers up and down your spine.

In 2002 a self-produced Ep „mister sky“ is released. It is followed by various tracks taken from it and released on samplers - Voices from heaven"(Sony), „Mystic spirits" (Zyx) and „Best of Freiburg", where Patty Moon finds herself in the best of company beside names like Moby, Goldfrapp, Wolfsheim or Fiona Apple. The reactions are an encouragement to continue. Comparisons to Goldfrapp or Portishead flatter and always provoke a „but,”: Patty Moon is all about her very own musical sound visions.

Now it seems strange to them to be talking about a “debut” CD with the release of „clouds inside“, "mister sky", "harmony", "borderline", and "second winter" already exist in completely different versions. Fleeting, now they have to prove their identities. Reason enough to perform them live again: as a duo, with Patty Moon reproducing her songs digitally for the most part, or in a quartet with electronics, guitars, bass, drums and cello to meet the challenge of hand-made renditions. But, the songs remain the same, asserting themselves in whatever forms or formations. Live or on CD, Patty Moon circles around the roots of vitality, fully aware of their brittleness. Fragility as a challenge.

It’s worth listening to „clouds inside“ more than once; during the second time you already get that feeling of charming familiarity, as if you finally found that something you’ve been looking for, for a long time.

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