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   Patty Moon: Clouds Inside: Presscuts

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Release Date: 15.10.2004
EAN/UPC: 705304515426
TT Catalogue No: 4476

  • If in the event of Patty Moon you’re still believing your ears, it’s your own fault, when you get into an impasse. The first vocal sounds (of “Mister sky”) exude a hint of Björk. But soon it becomes clear, that not the icelander is expressing her longings absorbed in clouds. Here is a voice in the winter waiting for true emotions. This sounds like to be lost to the world and melancholy, like lonely dreamworld and tragically angst.
    But then a line like “I had breakfast with the devil himself” comes to your ear and there you are in the middle of a nasty, dangerous reality. She may be suspected close to Beth Gibbons (“Portishead”), but Patty Moon has created her own work of art.
    After the mini-debut (2002 on an EP called “Mister sky” was released) “Clouds inside” now is published as a real premiere-release. Patty Moon took the step from the homestudio to the world of the producers together with Tobias Schwab, her associate composer and musician: Their symbiosis transforms the thoughts of the singer which turned into sounds into an appropriate combination of minimalism and broadband-orchestra. Great songs whose music acts as a punchy counterweight to the elf-like voice (“Stop and go”).
    Here you can easily have got your head in the clouds.
    Jazzthing Nov04-Jan05; Klaus Hübner

  • "Dip into Patty Moon’s rich “impressions from the living room”, out October 18th on the Berlin-based label Traumton Records.

    There are times, where we experience cloudy moments and despite being in the midst of our life, we feel fragile and on the verge of falling. It’s like having a bad dream about swimming against the current, and you don’t seem to move forward or a dream about floating in the air without getting anywhere. What if you like the feeling of it? You almost want to luxuriate in that self-induced melancholy?

    Singer and songwriter Patty Moon’s infatuate voice and producer Tobias Schwab’s electronic effusions on their debut album Clouds Inside help you hang in there and dip into their rich metaphoric world, where the devil, “Mister Sky” and a dragon heart shake hands to keep you in a bittersweet little downer.

    The duo from Southern Germany, who started out in 1998, before growing to a full band within the following year (Isabel Eichenlaub - Cello, Akkordeon, Daniel Hansmann – Drums), deliver a fine collection of 12 floating Trip Hop compositions.

    The album starts off with the slurred “Mister Sky” and grows into a pretended harmonic landscape of melodies, rich electronic elements and athmospheric, acoustic string sounds like on “Second Winter”. What these first tracks do with musical complexity, songs like “Me And the Moon” easily achieve with the simplicity of a string orchestra, bowed guitar and Patty’s charming, slightly fragile voice. Beautiful!

    While Patty isn’t afraid to move into darker places and confront her inner devil on “Borderline”, “Possibly Lucifer” or “Composing”, you are about to loose grip of any alleged structure or comparison you attempted – sounds a bit like Bjork-meets-Goldfrapp -“Clouds Inside” becomes less accessible towards the latter part of the album. The only one, who seems to see through the clouds is Patty Moon, whose calm voice leads you along right to the end of “Horses Getting Weak/And I have enough”, which is the last song on the album.

    Clouds Inside is a passionate, musically impressive album, which is brave for going on trip hop paths of the nineties, capturing enough individuality to stand out to this day."
    Written by BeSonic UK

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