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   Telmo Pires: Passos: Release Information

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Release Date: 15.10.2004
EAN/UPC: 705304517826
TT Catalogue No: 4477

Twelve courageous steps into the labyrinth of emotions and times intertwined - an album like a palimpsest or a poem lost in dreams.
Ulli Langenbrinck, Juli 04 (Funkhaus Europa)

Telmo Pires, the Portuguese singer with the expressive voice, belongs to a new generation of interpreters who bring the Fado, which had emerged from the docklands of Lisbon around the end of the 19th century, up to date and in a new instrumentation, taking the broad spectrum of contemporary popular music into account, Fado becomes an authentic expression of their current awareness of life. Rooted in the wistful melancholy of the Fado Pires presents a very personal selection, mainly of his own songs, on his current CD “Passos”. His songs surround the soul with longing, love and grief as if he feels that we have to produce stocks of them for the rest of our lives. Telmo Pires sings with passion and sensibility and breaks clichés of the eternally sad, melancholic Fado. Authentically and elaborately he shows us the Fado with devotion and excitement and his melancholy – “Saudade” – as an enjoyment to be sad and thus as a transcended way of being happy.

" Once Pires starts to sing every muscle of his body seems to be filled with music. The listener definitely cannot resist the music."
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 2003)

As the archetype of the modern European Telmo Pires, born in Portugal in 1972, commutes between his home country and the urban metropolis´ Paris and Berlin. The influences of these cultures and the awareness of life represent the basis for one of the most intensive and sensitive CD´s from Portugal one can hear at present. The love and respect that he shows to his own cultural roots as well as the conception of himself and the frankness of the musicians he met in Berlin produced this for the Fado very uncommon mixture.

" Pires more and more finds to his individual interpretation of the Portuguese music of soul, which bows before the tradition with great respect but on the other hand does not exclude the influences of a life in Berlin."
(Zitty, April ‘03)

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