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   Gilda Razani Bazaar: Release Information

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Release Date: 28.02.2005
EAN/UPC: 705304565421
TT Catalogue No: 4478

Oriental turns, trip-hop, jazz, electronic and drum 'n bass elements characterize the atmospheric sound of sub.vison, band of Iranian saxophonist Gilda Razani.

Playfully, and with great ease, they design their "Future Sound of Jazz". Velvety floating melodies of an almost casual coolness, sparkling solos, powerful grooves of hypnotic force sprinkled with electronic sound splitters create a sound between relaxed meditation and breakneck dramaturgies. Saxophonist Gilda Razani and pianist Hans Wanning are a smoothly working team who played jazz standards together before starting to compose their own music. They founded on these original compositions, mixing jazz and classical elements with melodic echoes from Gilda´s Persian homeland, experimenting with electronic effects, samples, and grooves.
In addition they write film and stage music, and are engaged in a variety of band projects with remaining the heart of their work. Together with rhythm section Martin Furmann on bass, Benny Mokross on percussion and drummer Gregor Sycz Junior, they´ve succeeded in realizing their vision, and producing their debut album.
Poetic, full of fantasy and the joy of experimentation, Gilda Razani lightheartedly goes beyond the borders of genre with "Bazaar", thereby creating charming and moving global soundtracks.

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