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   Theo Bleckmann: Anteroom: Presscuts

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Release Date: 21.06.2005
EAN/UPC: 705304590225
TT Catalogue No: 4483

  • "Theo Bleckmann was the voice of the aliens in the sci-fi-comedy "men in black". Since moving from Germany in 1989 he has worked with everyone of rank and importance in the New York avant garde scene, from Laurie Anderson to Philip Glass to vocalist/performance artist Meredith Monk (whose ensemble he belongs to). In the 45 plus minute-long title-piece of his new album, Bleckmann layers choirs, strings, solo celli, solo flutes, afro vocals and creates an atmosphere of an "outer room that opens into another room, often used as a waiting room“. If it didn't say "The Bleckman: voice" and "no electronics have been used to alter the sound or pitch of the voice" you would think the creator of these magical sounds was a genius sampling wizzard. But vocalist (!) Bleckmann, in whose live-repertoire songs by Kurt Weill have an equal standing as songs by Kraftwerk, did everything with his mouth. What the Chicago Reader said about his concerts („You’re going to a Theo Bleckmann concert? Forget everything you have heard before!“) is also true for "anteroom". The ambient album of the year?"
    Keys, Albrecht Piltz, Germany

  • "An unbelievable creature, a muse on wordless angels’ tongues that descends in spirals down to earth. The 38 year-old Theo Bleckmann, born in Dortmund and now a longtime New Yorker, has created loops that are not bound to time and layered them with his incomparable vocal artistry. The results are through and through spherical, never new age, but more like an accoustic Rorschach test."
    Jazzthing, Germany

  • "He avoids fulfilling the audience’s expectations with humble elegance and technical brilliance. His intonation leaves no doubt and the diamond-sharp clarity of his three and a half octave-range undertakes great intervallic leaps, throwing in percussive phrases into semi dreamy harmonies. Beyond that he entertains a delicate sense of nuances and humor. Bleckmann’s creative superiority is not afraid of pure beauty nor overwrought fun and caricatures of kitsch."
    Norbert Krampf -- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

  • "Rarely are singers so true to themselves in their performance that you feel you really know who they are, even without being told in words. And it's simply impossible to describe his music. Avantgarde doesn't quite do it, it's too emotionally moving for that. Check him out and define him for yourself. As composer-pianist Kirk Nurock says: 'He doesn't just take you to another planet. He creates new planets and takes you there. That's how original this man is.'"
    Tessa Souter -- AllaboutJazz

  • Theo Bleckmann is a singer who often sounds like he's only recently fallen to earth. Using his three-and-a-half-octave range, Bleckmann is as adept at exploring new possibilities for wordless sounds as he is at delivering a sparely elegant rendition of Cole Porter's "Every Time We Say Goodbye." His utterances can seem like an aural Rorschach of Arabic tongue clicking, Japanese, machinery noise, and bird chirping, while still remaining unaffected and accessible.
    Andrew Velez --OUT Magazine USA

  • His vocal works are woven by subtle change of each tone, which evokes a transparent prism showing different colors and shades through the light. This ethereal feeling of space is quite unique and original to him. He can use the most complicated methods of vocal expression, but also can express a profound beauty in the most simplest way which is overwhelming. Theo Bleckmann does understand the essence of music and the heart of songs deeply, and is able to express those spirits with extremely sensitive and warm humane vocals. Even the most subtle nuance of the music can be captured and expressed with his amazing sensitivity.
    Yuko Zama - OUT THERE, Japan

  • Brilliant!
    Alicia Zuckermann, New York Magazine

  • Theo Bleckmann is an uncommon male singer, a talented navigator who boldly surges against melodic currents yet always remains captain of his craft.

  • Bleckmann is a vocal acrobat, he is capable of interpreting ballads most sensitively and puts so much yearning into his voice that your heart almost breaks.
    - Keys

  • Vocal artist Theo Bleckmann provides a powerful incentive not only to attend but also to leave expectations at the door.
    - Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader

  • When he sings, a gentle breeze moves through the room.
    - Die Zeit, Germany

  • Bleckmann's voice is capable of creating warmth by giving you cold shivers.
    - Karsten Mützelfeld, Notes, Germany

  • Theo Bleckmann sounds like he can sing anything
    - Bob Blumenthal, BOSTON GLOBE

  • " will find his style unique. Him being able to treat his singing from a baroque or contemporary point of view shows his greatness and the emotions that come with it. Theo Bleckmann possesses a timbre delicate and silky and he knows how to use it. He also has the technical vocal capabilities of the most diverse cultures. A very big success, that takes us away from the endless reincarnation of those homage records. One voice that works; there aren't many."
    - Philippe Mêziat, Jazz Magazine France

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